What are the requirements for pilots to eat on the aircraft carrier?

Sasha Tan: Is Liaoning a floating cafeteria?

What are the requirements for pilots to eat on the aircraft carrier?This article is original by Sasha. If you reprint it, please note

Don’t underestimate the diet of the aircraft carrier. This is a university question, which determines the combat effectiveness and morale of the officers and soldiers.

Since ancient times, countries have paid more attention to the food of soldiers.

In the famous film”The Battle of the Tank”, the German armored brigade commander does not eat the food of senior officers, but the food is the same as that of ordinary soldiers. The reason is: I must know how long the soldiers can support these things.

The food of the United States Navy used to be very poor, basically canned bacon, biscuits, pickles and so on.

During the Civil War, American warships often ate a kind of zombie meat that had been stored for many years. In order to express dissatisfaction, the American sailors carved the extremely hard meat into the shape of a warship, painted it and hung it in the dining room.

By the end of World War II, the food of the United States Navy had been greatly improved. Take the best submarine troops as an example: milk, coffee, bread and butter can be guaranteed for breakfast every day, and there will be steak, dessert, including apple pie, vanilla ice cream, etc. the next day!!!

The food of our navy also has a development process.

What are the requirements for pilots to eat on the aircraft carrier?——– Even the best can can can’t stand every day! Sasha used to eat the self-heating ration of the PLA soldiers for 20 days in a row, and then he would vomit if he smelled itWhat are the requirements for pilots to eat on the aircraft carrier?

In the 1950s and 1960s, the food of the PLA navy was generally average, but better than that of the army.

The food should pay attention to satiety, ensure high calorie, and taste is secondary, mainly canned food.

According to the general standard of the Chinese people at that time, the naval food was very good.

Veteran recalled: I felt that the food was better than when I was at home for the New Year! We mainly eat canned meat, as well as pickled cucumber and dehydrated spinach!

Fresh vegetables can only be taken with one batch at the time of departure and eaten within a few days. Even if it is not finished, it will soon break down because there is no refrigeration equipment! After that, the officers and soldiers can only eat canned and saltwater boiled soybeans!

In those days, ordinary people enjoyed eating canned food, but navy soldiers suffered from eating canned food. Let’s think about it. What’s the concept of eating canned food for one month in a row? Besides, there are only those kinds of canned food. No one will have an appetite.

In the memoirs of the Xisha Naval Battle, the navy veterans recalled that it is good to eat canned food occasionally, but it is unbearable to eat it regularly. Later, we just threw the cans away and went to the kitchen to steal pickles and tofu milk. After the captain found it, he ordered to lock the cabinet of pickled vegetables and bean curd milk. Every time we dock at Yulin Port, in addition to taking a bath desperately, we eat boiled cabbage until we break our stomachs.

In the next twenty or thirty years, the navy diet has made great progress.

In the 1980s, the food quality of the army was marked by the implementation of the”half a catty plus four ounces” put forward by the Military Commission, that is, in addition to grain, to ensure that each person in the army reached the food ration of one catty and a half of vegetables, one or two meat, one or two bird fish eggs, one or two bean products, and one or two vegetable oils per day.

In addition to the quantity, the quality has also improved a lot. Some warships are equipped with refrigeration equipment, so that officers and soldiers can eat fresh vegetables. However, many fresh vegetables can only be kept for 10 days at most. Over this period of time, officers and soldiers can only eat Chinese cabbage, potatoes and radishes that are not easy to deteriorate.

By the time of patrolling the Gulf of Aden in 2008, the Navy’s diet had made great progress. The fresh-keeping period of various green leafy vegetables has been extended to 40 to 60 days, the fresh-keeping period of potatoes has reached 3 months, and the fresh-keeping period of baby cabbage and Chinese cabbage has reached 4 months.

Fruits and vegetables are abundant, not to mention meat.

What are the requirements for pilots to eat on the aircraft carrier?

————Americans attach great importance to the quality of materials, not just the taste. The food of the American aircraft carrier is nutritious, but the taste is average.

What are the requirements for pilots to eat on the aircraft carrier?

The same is true of ordinary warships. The aircraft carrier with thousands of officers and soldiers is the largest among the warships, and the diet is much richer than that of ordinary warships.

The United States Navy has always attached importance to the diet of officers and men, believing that it directly determines morale and combat effectiveness.

The US aircraft carrier consumes an amazing amount of food every month: 8000 pounds of pork, 60000 potatoes, 24000 pounds of hamburgers, 44000 pounds of hot dogs, 12000 pounds of rice, 3000 pounds of fish, 8000 pounds of steak, 1800 pounds of milk.

According to statistics, the aircraft carrier consumes food valued at $45000 to $65000 per day, and needs to supplement food valued at $1.8 million per week.

When the aircraft carrier leaves the port, it generally reserves food for 90 days of combat. But in order to ensure the morale of the soldiers, the American aircraft carrier will replenish fresh food once a week or two on average.

The aircraft carrier is divided into 7 restaurants, 2 huge soldiers’ restaurants and 1 sergeant’s restaurant, 2 smaller officers’ restaurants, 1 senior officers’ restaurant, and 1 captain’s restaurant (mainly used for banquet).

There are many cooks in the US aircraft carrier, generally 200 to 300, including nearly 100 cooks, and most of them are various service personnel.

The US aircraft carrier can provide up to 500 kinds of meat dishes, 250 kinds of vegetarian dishes, more than 100 kinds of sandwich hamburgers, as well as more than 20 kinds of drinks and 80 kinds of desserts.

The US military has repeatedly proudly announced that we can guarantee that the carrier meal will not be repeated within two weeks.

The cost is that the aircraft carrier needs to produce nearly 20000 pieces of food every day, and the cook’s workload is very heavy.

What are the requirements for pilots to eat on the aircraft carrier?

—————Many western snacks! Of course, there are many Chinese snacks.

What are the requirements for pilots to eat on the aircraft carrier?

As a new aircraft carrier, Liaoning seems to be less luxurious than the American aircraft carrier, and it is also quite good!

First, there are many cooks and the kitchen is large

According to official media reports such as the Liberation Army News, there are five food processing zones, three staple food processing zones and one bakery on the”Liaoning”, and the simultaneous commencement of construction can guarantee the dining of thousands of people.

What are the requirements for pilots to eat on the aircraft carrier?

—————The dining environment for officers and ordinary sailors is good!

What are the requirements for pilots to eat on the aircraft carrier?Second, it is mainly buffet, which is available 24 hours a day, and some posts use the delivery method

Six meals a day are available 24 hours a day.

For those who cannot leave their posts due to work needs, meals will be delivered, and buffet will be provided for other personnel.

The pilot of the carrier aircraft has a separate restaurant. In addition to the normal catering during the flight, various”meals between meals” will be added accordingly. In order to catch up with the flight at night, night meals will also be specially provided for the pilots who return late.

What are the requirements for pilots to eat on the aircraft carrier?——– Too many people eat, and the kitchen is also largeWhat are the requirements for pilots to eat on the aircraft carrier?

Third, mainly Chinese food, supplemented by Western food

Chinese people are different from Americans.

Western food in the United States has high requirements for ingredients, but it is easy to make, and the work of the chef is relatively easy. Many western dishes are cold meals, which can be prepared in advance, and can be slightly heated when eating, which is easier.

Chinese food is the opposite.

Chinese food is complex to make, and it takes time and effort to cook. Take a simple shredded potato as an example, the preparation of ingredients is very difficult, and the frying is even more troublesome. If Chinese food is used for every meal, I’m afraid the cooks of the aircraft carrier Liaoning will be tired to death.

From this point of view, at present, the Liaoning aircraft carrier does not adopt complete western food, but a combination of Chinese and Western food. Most of them are Chinese food, but there are still many western dishes, which lightens the burden of cooks.

The officers and soldiers are mostly young people and do not reject western food.

According to statistics, fried chicken and hamburger are the most popular western food among the officers and soldiers of Liaoning.

What are the requirements for pilots to eat on the aircraft carrier?

——————Fresh vegetables and tofu are indispensable!

What are the requirements for pilots to eat on the aircraft carrier?Fourth, the dishes are super rich

On the basis of ensuring that the members of the aircraft carrier have enough calories and drinks every day, they also take into account the taste.

According to the standard of the PLA, namely”1126″ and”2611″. To be specific, it is to guarantee: 1 egg, 1 cup of milk, 2 snacks and 6 side dishes for breakfast; 2 staple foods for lunch and dinner, 6 dishes, 1 soup and 1 fruit.

According to the public report, the aircraft carrier meal on the Liaoning has reached a high level: the food supply on the Liaoning has basically realized the combination of Chinese and Western food, with a variety of colors, taking into account the dietary characteristics of different regions and nationalities. No matter where the sailors come from, they can feel the familiar hometown atmosphere here. The main food provided by the restaurant includes steamed bread, noodles, rice, bread, etc. The non-staple food production methods are countless, including frying, frying, stewing, boiling, frying, etc. Potato beef, braised pork with dried bamboo shoots, pickled lettuce with garlic, stir-fried cabbage, fried diced chicken, braised pork balls, braised noodles, dumplings… all kinds of special food from the east, west, north and south gather here. The most powerful thing is that it claims that there are six dishes and one soup for each meal, and there are no duplicate samples within a week.

The PLA Daily wrote: Zhang Zheng, the captain of Liaoning, said in an interview that more than 1000 people on the ship consumed 10 to 12 tons of food every day. It can be seen that the Chinese aircraft carrier did a lot of hard work on the food on board.

It is no wonder that an old general saw the restaurant of Liaoning and said that when he was a soldier in the Korean battlefield and ate fried noodles and chewed snow, his biggest dream was to eat cabbage stewed pork once. I never dreamed that the PLA would one day be able to eat like this!

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