The Chinese side began to counter the restrictions on foreign entry! Koreans are not very satisfied

This international comment by Uncle Mu analyzes that China has begun to counter the measures taken by some countries to restrict the entry of Chinese tourists.

After three years of COVID-19 policy, China opened its entry and exit on January 8. But before that, some countries expressed concern about the possible mutation of the virus caused by the increase in the number of domestic infections caused by the liberalization of China’s epidemic policy.

The most obvious feature is that some EU member countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, and other countries, as well as Japan, South Korea, and the Middle East, require passengers entering from China to show negative COVID-19 test certificates within 48 hours. Some also carry out landing detection for tourists from China.

The Chinese side began to counter the restrictions on foreign entry! Koreans are not very satisfied

This triggered dissatisfaction and protest from our Ministry of Foreign Affairs. One is that this policy is unscientific and has no scientific basis. The other is that it involves restrictions and even discrimination against Chinese tourists.

The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs previously warned that corresponding measures would be taken in accordance with the principle of reciprocity in different situations.

So the counter-measures were introduced on January 10, and Japan and South Korea were the first countries to be counter-measured.

The Chinese Embassy in Seoul announced the suspension of issuing short-term visas to tourists from South Korea on the same day. At the same time, some Japanese tourism agencies quoted industry sources as saying that the Chinese side has notified tourism companies to suspend the issuance of Japanese entry visas.

The Chinese side began to counter the restrictions on foreign entry! Koreans are not very satisfied

In response to this move, a spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that a few countries insisted on taking discriminatory entry restrictions against China. So we have taken reciprocal measures.

Uncle Mu found from some media comments in South Korea and Japan that the reaction of the two countries was quite strong.

For example, South Korean media believe that China’s suspension of issuing short-term travel visas to Koreans goes far beyond the scope of”taking corresponding measures based on the principle of reciprocity”, and is widely regarded as China’s punitive retaliation against South Korea.

Because Westerners and South Koreans do the same, even Morocco, a Muslim country in the Middle East, directly prohibits tourists from China. But China did not oppose them. Therefore, one argument is that South Korea may be considered as the choice that China can retaliate without too worrying about the consequences.

It can be seen that Koreans are very dissatisfied with this.

Uncle Mu also noticed that the Japanese have a similar view. It seems that it is necessary for Japan and South Korea to change their entry policies in order to alleviate this situation!

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