What things should you keep in mind and not say?

1、 If young girls want not to be scum, they must be sociable. Even if they break up, you will have breakthrough harvest, which is beneficial to your future development.

2、 Don’t go into marriage with too poor people. You can fall in love and play. Forget it later! They are all struggling people in the poor. They are extremely poor. Such people will break through several lines of defense.

3、 Anyone, in any state, as long as confidence is still there, life will have unlimited possibilities! Once decadent, once bereaved, this person will be over! It is also for your own good to be more tolerant and encouraging to your spouse and children and less critical and derogatory.

4、 This sentence is not alarmist – trust anyone without reservation, and you will die in the end! Not only the body, but also the soul.

5、 Everyone is changing, including yourself! It is not necessary to forgive. You can’t get out of the vortex of betrayal. His body can be given to others, and your soul can not belong to a man. Who won?

6、 Why tangle pain? Because your life is stagnant, you can’t handle others, you can’t improve yourself, you’re incompetent, you’re not beautiful, you don’t work hard! Just give up one or two things and your life will change. At least, you should dry your tears and move first!

7、 When I was betrayed, I was relieved at once. I took back my efforts and gave myself back. I felt that I had gained unprecedented freedom! Don’t divorce, because the other party pays fees and cares about the children. You see, this is the power of women’s change.

8、 People don’t know until middle age that if they want to have a harmonious family, they should first improve themselves, and then improve the relationship between husband and wife. Only when these two things are done can the general direction of the family work normally, otherwise it will be useless to be virtuous.

9、 Don’t attack the other’s family in front of your spouse. No matter how good the relationship between husband and wife is, it can’t go beyond blood relationship. If you can get along well, talk more. If you can’t get along well, leave by yourself. Why bother to feel uncomfortable in a chaotic atmosphere?

10、 I found a cruel fact: many women have fallen into the mire of marriage. The fundamental reason is not that the relationship between husband and wife has gone wrong, but that the interpersonal relationship and various complicated matters in the man’s original family have led to the disintegration of the relationship between husband and wife. Women want men to stand on their side and protect themselves. Men can’t get rid of their original family and exist independently. They can only force their women to submit.

11、 Many middle-aged couples have a secret in their hearts. I don’t know when I started to love you and have no passion for you. But I have been used to having you in my life, so I keep my mouth shut about some things and choose to remain silent.

12、 If a married woman wants to go up, she must take two steps: purify her circle and become cold.

13、 When I was young, I used my time to love others. Although I was introverted, I also gave everything in my relationship. Now, I have lost my youth and beauty, and I have learned to love myself with painful lessons! What I have learned is that my heart is as hard as iron, and I can talk and laugh with anyone gently, but few people come into my heart again.

14、 The life of middle-aged people is all chicken feathers. When encountering impassable obstacles, take a hot bath, have a glass of red wine, have a good sleep, and wake up full of blood! As long as you are alive, as long as you have money to earn, everything else is nothing!

15、 Being kind and willing to pay is actually a very good quality, especially for the people around you who feel the most important. Even if you have been trampled and betrayed without reservation, you can’t change your life direction and make your life start over again. In an instant, you are open-minded, and you have grown up. Looking back, you have no guilt except for a little regret! I believe that it is the person who has failed you.

16、 I once lost my confidence when I was hit by my native family. I once lost my direction in my relationship. I am a full-time housewife for more than ten years. Let me tell you a lesson from the afterlife: you have only yourself in your eyes and heart. Don’t be afraid of losing. As long as you are brave and hard enough, you can find the direction of breakthrough and find yourself beautiful.

17、 Many women who are mothers say that no matter how poor they are, they have to beg for food. I have to take my children with me. What I choose is that I want to bloom to my heart’s content, and let the child be proud of having a mother like me. I will not use my selfishness and mindlessness to make the child gradually lose hope in the wandering life!

18、 I think that a good life is not to compare with anyone, but to compare with yourself. Every day is a little better than before. This is a good day!

19、 To find a target, we must find a man with great ability. The lower the man is, the more unfaithful he is, because he cannot find a sense of worship in his own woman. Can women be blamed?

20、 Anyone who planned to betray me, after I denounced once, would choose to remain silent and stop caring about others? I will only choose to stay away from the circle silently. It doesn’t matter if I can’t leave the circle temporarily. I will choose to stay away from the circle, work hard, and then say goodbye to all the people in the circle. That is the meaning of going up with all my strength.

21、 The biggest regret after the betrayal is that the days have to go forward and the marriage has not been separated, but the two hearts can no longer be close. When I think of the past, I have tears in my eyes, and my heart will ache, but I will not stay, and I will not stop. I will only dry my tears and walk forward. I will silently say goodbye to the past and the past, and I will also say goodbye to my once foolish and sincere self.

22、 Don’t let a person with a strong personality lick a dog in front of you. When he comes back, he will leave you with nothing left.

23、 In relationships, respect human nature and don’t trust feelings too much. Such people are very smart.

24、 It is absolutely a virtue for a couple of adults not to have children randomly if their feelings are not firm.

25、 The biggest frustration in the relationship is that there are many moments, many words, and sudden emotions. I wanted to talk, and then shook my head. I put it in my heart and felt rotten. Thank you for your support

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