Why do you feel that there are more and more users of wps and office is no longer used?

WPS and office are the two largest office software in China, of which WPS is domestic and office is developed by Microsoft.

Over the past 30 years, these two major office softwares have been a mixture of resentment and resentment

Microsoft Office was launched in 1985, while WPS was launched in 1988. However, when WPS was launched, Microsoft Office did not enter the Chinese market, so wps has a very good growth space

Why do you feel that there are more and more users of wps and office is no longer used?

However, in 1994, Microsoft Office officially entered the Chinese market, and then the position of WPS began to decline gradually. After all, WPS can only rely on Microsoft’s system. Microsoft Office itself is developed by Microsoft, and it is part of Microsoft’s entire ecosystem. So it runs very smoothly on computers, and many computers come with Microsoft Office.

With this ecological advantage, Office has been in a breakneck position after entering the Chinese market and has taken many market shares of WPS

Seeing his own territory being occupied by office,WPS signed another agreement with Microsoft to make WPS compatible with office. This move directly made WPS an outcast of the market.

Because after Office entered China, it actually produced a lot of pirated products. The price of these pirated products is far lower than the price of the original version, which can be bought for a few yuan. However, Microsoft did not take these pirated products seriously, but let them go.

At that time, WPS also had some piracy, but WPS had a very strong attack on these piracy, so there were few real WPS piracy in the market.

Microsoft’s”shrewdness” of letting piracy go has indirectly become an important means to defeat WPS. In the case of rampant piracy, many computers are directly installed with office, resulting in fewer and fewer people using WPS.

However, in recent years, WPS has gradually regained its market position, and its share in the domestic office software market has also increased. At present, WPS’s global monthly active users have reached at least 400 million. Although there is still a big gap between this number of users and Microsoft’s more than 1 billion, in the domestic office software market, WPS has been on the same footing with office, or even surpassed Microsoft’s officeAt present, the monthly active users of WPS have exceeded 260 million, and this active user has even exceeded the domestic active users of Office

Why do you feel that there are more and more users of wps and office is no longer used?

Then why are more and more users using WPS in recent years? I think there are several main reasons

First, WPS is more in line with the usage habits of Chinese users

Microsoft Office is aimed at global users, so it is relatively global in terms of templates, and many functions are not necessarily suitable for Chinese users.

WPS has been mainly aimed at domestic users since its birth, so it is more suitable for Chinese users in terms of function design, page design and other aspects.

And after years of development and improvement, the functions of WPS are becoming more and more perfect. Many functions are even more powerful than office, and it is more convenient to operate. It is awesome in chart making. In addition, it is obviously easier to use than office in cloud backup. If you accidentally lose files, you may find them from cloud backup

It is also because WPS is more grounded and easier to use that it is widely recognized by Chinese users.

Second, free is the best marketing method

At present, WPS has two modes: professional version and personal free version. For individual users, if you don’t mind too much advertising, you can download a free version for installation, and daily functions can also be basically used

For Chinese users, many people are used to free things, so WPS has won the support of many people after it is free.

Relatively speaking, there is no free version of office at present, only some cracked versions are free, but these cracked versions of office itself have many security vulnerabilities, and many people are not comfortable using them.

Why do you feel that there are more and more users of wps and office is no longer used?

Third, embrace the mobile internet

In recent years, WPS has been able to grow rapidly. I think there is a very important reason for its timely transformation to the mobile Internet.

Nowadays, many people use mobile phones in their daily life, except for computers when they work. But even if you use mobile phones, the Chinese people’s habit is that there will still be a lot of work after work. You can’t carry a computer all the time. At this time, installing office software on the mobile phone becomes the demand of many people.

WPS also saw this trend, so it embraced the mobile internet and actively launched the mobile version of WPS

Fourth, for safety reasons

Although the daily office software usually does not involve any security matters, there are some important department documents that are very important. People may not take this security awareness seriously before.

But since the Prism Gate incident, countries around the world have begun to attach more and more importance to Internet security. In this context, China is also actively promoting the localization of the Internet and computers, including operating systems and software systems.

At present, there are many important departments of software that basically use domestic WPS instead of Microsoft Office.

So under the influence of various factors, WPS’s market share has also increased in recent years, while office’s market share has been gradually compressed. It is not ruled out that WPS may become the real number one office software in China in the future.

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