In the name of the people, why is Zhao Donglai not afraid of Qi Tongwei?

1.Although Zhao Donglai is the director, he is the director of the municipal bureau of a deputy provincial city at the level of the main office. Although Qi Tongwei is the head of the provincial department, his level is also the same as that of the main office;

2.The municipal public security bureau is an agency under the municipal government, and the competent department is the municipal government rather than the provincial public security department, so Zhao Donglai’s immediate supervisor is Li Dakang, not Qi Tongwei;

3.Although Qi Tongwei is larger than Qi Tongwei in terms of name and management authority, his provincial public security bureau is located in the jurisdiction of Zhao Donglai’s municipal public security bureau, and the two can be at peace only if they respect each other as friends;

4.The provincial department and the municipal bureau are in a cooperative relationship, not a hierarchical relationship. Therefore, Qi Tongwei can only ask the municipal bureau to cooperate when performing the task, but can not direct Zhao Donglai, so Zhao Donglai does not need to obey Qi Tongwei;

5.When the provincial public security bureau and the municipal public security bureau have different opinions, they can basically be understood as performing their tasks according to their own plans. When the provincial department and the municipal bureau disagree, Zhao Donglai only needs to obey Li Dakang;

6.Qi Tongwei is determined to be promoted to the vice provincial level, so the attitude of Zhao Donglai, a senior official in politics and law, and Li Dakang, a member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, are very critical. Qi Tongwei can only benefit from his official career by treating them with courtesy, and establishing such a strong enemy will only cause trouble for himself, so Zhao Donglai does not need to be afraid of him.

7.Although Zhao Donglai’s police rank and rank are temporarily inferior to Qi Tongwei, once Li Dakang is promoted, Zhao Donglai and Qi Tongwei will probably be promoted. In the future, it is really uncertain who is higher than Zhao Donglai and Qi Tongwei. In addition, Zhao Donglai is upright and has no reason to be afraid of Qi Tongwei.

8. Therefore, treating people in the officialdom has always been a humble, low-key and approachable attitude, and Zhao Donglai, as a strong personality and six relatives, will not be afraid of such people.

In the name of the people, why is Zhao Donglai not afraid of Qi Tongwei?

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