Kings 118-111 Timberwolves, Fox led the team with 32 points to win, and Kings avenged Wolves

Kings 118-111 Timberwolves, Fox led the team with 32 points to win, and Kings avenged Wolves

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In the match the day before yesterday, the King lost to Wolves by 7 points with a rout; Today’s reunion, when the iron fight was over, the king unexpectedly got five small death arrays. The king team successfully revenge and returned seven points to show reciprocity

Kings 118-111 Timberwolves, Fox led the team with 32 points to win, and Kings avenged Wolves

Yesterday, the author used the after-dinner tea to roughly sort out the key to the victory of today’s King’s winning streak and how to deal with this wolf team:

The key to the king’s victory over Wolves

There are naturally predicted adjustment points and unexpected surprises. Let’s talk about this game.

Kings 118-111 Timberwolves, Fox led the team with 32 points to win, and Kings avenged Wolves

The old rule is to talk about the opponent first. Look at Russell’s hand feeling, it is obviously not as accurate as the last game, which is inseparable from the close defense of King Millet’s ball; Look at Goubei. He still played fairly well during the absence of Mr. Tang. Today, I beat Xiao Sa until the graduation of six criminals. To be honest, I can record a merit for him. The Timberwolves still have and only have Huazi as the star player who can play the decisive strike this game. At the stage when the score was close to each other, he was the only one who could compete with the King Fox. The leaders of the two teams threw unsolvable jump shots, as if they were one dimension ahead of the other players on the field. Huazi crazy cut 33 points and the fox’s 32 points complement each other, and can’t ask for more. Among the Wolves role players, Nowell and McDaniels took the place of Reed in the previous game, which made the King’s second team play extremely hard in the regular time, which is commendable.

After today’s game, let’s see what adjustments have been made by the King’s Wolves:

Fox raised his desire for independent attack

As analyzed yesterday, Brown’s team saw that Fox’s speed advantage was fatal to the inside line damage of the Timberwolves. In the final analysis, the pace of the wolves was too slow. Therefore, as long as the fox wants, he can use any way he likes to tear the inside line to score. If the fox had not played only 50% in the middle distance today, the king would have set up a double-digit lead early. In my impression, Fox has not come up to play with explosive charges in more than 30 games. The first three quarters ended with the ball to his teammates, and the fourth quarter turned into a key player, which is the change of Fox this season. Of course, to make specific analysis of the opponents, such as the current internal level of Wolves, Fox should start the Super Saiyan mode in advance; Facts have proved that this adjustment is effective.

Kings 118-111 Timberwolves, Fox led the team with 32 points to win, and Kings avenged Wolves

More feed three-point shooters

Sasha handed more hands to the king’s group of shooters when handling the ball today: TD three-point four-point two, Black Hawk three-point four-point one, chicken liver three-point three-point three-point three-point three-point three, small red three-point five-point zero. It’s really ridiculous. The king who didn’t have three points can still lead after the first quarter. Thanks to the Timberwolves, today’s long shot is also not allowed. Had it not been for the shooters’ delay in waiting for the touch, Sasha would not have started to force the inside line, and the number of fouls would have accumulated early. Of course, the three-point attack should be correct. A team should win in the way they are good at, but it feels cold. Brown’s team has re-activated TD by rotation of ten people today, which means that they want to open up the situation with their three-point ball. Incidentally, yesterday’s analysis of less passing and cutting is to hope that the King can reduce the number of mistakes of the whole team, and passing and cutting can not take advantage of Wolves. However, today’s game, the King is still brave to play cross and cut and connect the team through assists, which is quite bold. From the result, I admire Brown.

Kings 118-111 Timberwolves, Fox led the team with 32 points to win, and Kings avenged Wolves

The explosion in the desperate situation: the five little dead kings

This is the surprise brought by reality: it is a blessing in disguise.

At the last minute of the regular period, Xiao Sa finally couldn’t stand it, and still got his sixth criminal. He had to sit on the sideline and watch the timer, hoping it would go faster. At the end of 12.8 seconds, the two sides drew and the King served in the back court. This was a perfect opportunity to launch an attack, and there was an absolute chance to kill the opponent to complete revenge. With Fox’s unreliable mid-range touch today, the basketball is indeed slightly out of the way. The light is on, which means that the king can only harden his head and use the remnants of the battle to harden the just and complete forest wolf.

Kings 118-111 Timberwolves, Fox led the team with 32 points to win, and Kings avenged Wolves

Is it over? It’s over. Sasha can’t play. The fox has consumed almost all his strength. How can he play? Sure enough, we can’t get rid of the fate of three consecutive defeats. From then on, we have started to go back to the old way!

There are still opportunities! Never give up until the end! Who said it? The whole king team said it! At any time, don’t underestimate the unity of a team, and don’t underestimate the heart that wants to enter the playoffs!

Kings 118-111 Timberwolves, Fox led the team with 32 points to win, and Kings avenged Wolves

I saw that Brown’s coaching team resolutely arranged the final lineup of Lairs as the center:

Fox+Monk, the former Kentucky backcourt double-shot, the fox’s speed matched the sharp of General Monk, and was fearlessly ready to give the wolves a hard punch; North Carolina Black Hawk and Creatinine Jasmine can work together to exchange two for one pair of Shanghuazi; At this time, Lairs is incarnated as the fifth position of the space type. He can go anywhere he wants to go, from one to five. He is talking about Laishen of five small teams. In the key offensive round, the King’s five deadly tricks made use of the advancing speed and a large number of passes, which made the Lairs and chicken livers in the bottom corner have three points of empty space respectively, and they also grasped the key long-range shot. When the score established the advantage of two rounds, Wolves were obviously flustered. Interestingly, I don’t know whether the sudden change of the formation of the king team made the wolf team at a loss, or whether the king really came to a stage of evolution. Finally, the three attacks of the wolf team were all resolved by the king five. After several meaningless mistakes, the wolf team was equal to giving up the victory directly.

It’s just that after this day, the fate between Jon Holmes and the king, which I like very much, is really about to end.

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