The list of “the most beautiful sportsmen” in Yangzhou in 2022 was announced. Ten groups of sportsmen including the football team of Yangzhou Sports School won the honors

Let the whole people move to a”healthy” place! Today (January 30), the 2022 release ceremony of Yangzhou’s”Top Ten Sports News” and”Most Beautiful Sports People” was held at Yangzhou Radio and Television Station. Ten groups of sports people, including the football team of Yangzhou Sports School, won the honors.

The list of "the most beautiful sportsmen" in Yangzhou in 2022 was announced. Ten groups of sportsmen including the football team of Yangzhou Sports School won the honors

In 2022, Yangzhou athletes won 64.5 gold medals at the 20th Provincial Games; The provincial women’s rugby and women’s three-player basketball joint project was successfully signed in Yangzhou; Yangzhou has created a pilot city for the systematic construction of sports and health promotion, formulated and issued the”Three Year Action Plan for the Integrated Development of Sports and Tourism in Yangzhou”, and achieved fruitful results in sports integration and innovation. Among them, a number of excellent sportsmen have also emerged. At today’s release ceremony, 10 groups of sportsmen including the football team of Yangzhou Sports School, Feng Bao, Zhang Rui and Pang Liang won the title of”the most beautiful sportsman” in Yangzhou in 2022.

The list of "the most beautiful sportsmen" in Yangzhou in 2022 was announced. Ten groups of sportsmen including the football team of Yangzhou Sports School won the honors

Wu Changlong, the”most beautiful sportsman” in Yangzhou in 2022, said that winning the”most beautiful sportsman” in Yangzhou is both an honor and a responsibility. In the new year, he hopes that more people will participate in road race activities and enjoy the fun of running.

In 2022, Wan Congrong, the”most beautiful sportsman” in Yangzhou, said that winning the prize was an incentive and should be put into practical action. This year, he planned to build 100 camping bases in the province to promote outdoor camping activities.

Qiao Zhigang, director of the Office of the Municipal Bureau of Sports, introduced that the first selection was a wide range of fields, including mass sports, competitive sports, sports industry, etc; Second, there are various types of personnel, including coaches, athletes, sports teachers, social sports instructors, sports entrepreneurs, sports public welfare promoters, scientific fitness propagandists, grass-roots government workers, etc; Third, the age range is large. The youngest”most beautiful sportsman” is only 9 years old, and the oldest is nearly 70 years old.

The list of "the most beautiful sportsmen" in Yangzhou in 2022 was announced. Ten groups of sportsmen including the football team of Yangzhou Sports School won the honors

In addition, Yangzhou Swimming and Fitness Center, Yangzhou Li Ning Sports Park and others were selected as the”Top Ten Popular Sports Brands” of Yangzhou in 2022, which is also the first time Yangzhou has selected the”Top Ten Popular Sports Brands”. It is understood that in 2023, Yangzhou Municipal Sports Bureau will further play the role of sports in highlighting urban spirit, stimulating urban vitality and promoting social harmony by promoting the systematization of competitive sports, the scientization of national fitness, the characterization of public services, the branding of sports events, and the agglomeration of industrial development, and make Yangzhou contributions to the construction of a sports power.

Leaders of Yangzhou City, Sha Zhifang, Liu Liu and Dai Fei, participated in the event.

The”Top Ten Sports News” of Yangzhou in 2022

01,“Sports Consumption Month”,”Sports Carnival” and other activities have been focused by the central media, and sports innovation has helped urban economic development.

02,Yangzhou delegation won good results in the provincial games, setting a record high in the number of gold medals in the non-host games!

03,A group of Yangzhou athletes were selected for the national team to compete in international and domestic competitions.

04,Yangzhou Deep Submersible Grand Canal Center was selected as the first batch of demonstration bases for the integration of sports and tourism in Jiangsu Province, and the integration of sports and tourism took a new step.

05,Yangzhou was selected as the pilot city of Jiangsu Province’s systematic construction campaign to promote health, and the construction of”Healthy Yangzhou” reached a new level.

06,Yangzhou athletes helped the Chinese Women’s Triple Basketball Team win the Asian Cup for the first time, and the joint project has achieved great results.

07,Build a higher level of public service system for national fitness, Yangzhou is taking action!

08,Yangzhou won the approval of the National Social Science Foundation’s key sports science project for the first time, and made another breakthrough in sports scientific research.

09,In response to the severe epidemic challenges, a number of national competitions were successfully held in Yang.

10.Create a characteristic party building brand of”torch bearer”, and let the party flag fly high inside and outside the stadium.

The”most beautiful sportsman” in Yangzhou in 2022

1. The football team of Yangzhou Sports School, the dream team of collective ball games

2. Feng Bao, a new star of table tennis

3. Zhang Rui Pangliang, the partner of sports seedling breeding and excellent seedling couples

4. Shao Zhengming, a PE teacher who insists on cultivating talents at the beginning

5. Qiu Xuemei, the propagator of scientific fitness

6. Wu Changlong, a fitness expert who surpasses himself and helps others

7. Wan Congrong, leader of sports manufacturing industry

8. Lan Jin, a practitioner of the integration of sports and enterprises

9. Zhu Dongxi, sports public welfare promoter

10. Wang Chunlong, a grass-roots sports government worker

Source | Yangzhou Radio and Television”Yangfan” Mobile Channel

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