Chiang Kai-shek’s only daughter, married a Japanese spy and a red agent first, but Chiang didn’t know!

Among Chiang Kai shek’s children, people are most familiar with Jiang Jingguo and Jiang Weiguo

Chiang Kai-shek's only daughter, married a Japanese spy and a red agent first, but Chiang didn't know!

In 1924, a little girl was abandoned by her biological parents in the Guangzhou civilian hospital, and He Xiangning saw the little girl’s face carved with powder and jade in the hospital and loved it very much, so she took the child home. It happened that Chen Jieru, the third wife of Chiang Kai-shek, had never had a son and a half daughter after marrying Chiang Kai-shek for many years. After discussing with He Xiangning, Chen Jieru formally adopted the little girl and treated her as if she were her own. Chiang Kai-shek was also very happy about this, and named the little girl Jiang Yaoguang, whose nickname was Peipei, which implied the happiness of living with a family of threeBut the good times are not long. Chiang Kai-shek is more concerned about his political ambitions than his family

In 1922, Chiang Kai-shek met Song Meiling, the youngest daughter of the Song family, one of the three major families of the Republic of China, and fell in love with her at first sight. In addition, he wanted to realize his political ambition, so Chiang Kai-shek decided to marry Song Meiling and got the support of the family behind Song Meiling. But how could a family like the Song family make Song Meiling a concubine for others

Chiang Kai-shek's only daughter, married a Japanese spy and a red agent first, but Chiang didn't know!

So,Chiang Kai-shek wanted to solve Chen Jieru and Jiang Yaoguang, two hot potato. Soon Chiang Kai-shek tricked Chen Jieru into studying in the United States. After Chen Jieru arrived in the United States, he broke off his marriage with Chen Jieru with a newspaper statementWhen Chiang Kai-shek entrusted Chen Jieru, he became more and more indifferent to his adopted daughter, Jiang Yaoguang. Before Chen Jieru went to the United States, Chen Jieru handed over the young Jiang Yaoguang to his mother for support. It was not until five years later that Chen Jieru returned from the United States that he and Jiang Yaoguang lived together again. The mother and daughter were dependent on each other

At this time, Jiang Yaoguang also officially changed his name to Chen Yaoguang’s surname. Although Jiang Yaoguang was nominally the eldest daughter of the Jiang family before, Jiang Yaoguang did not spend much time in love with his father and mother. Even the descendants of the Jiang family rarely knew her

In 2005, the Chiang family triggered a battle for Chiang Kai shek’s heritage, because Jiang Xiaoyong’s widow, Jiang Fangzhiyi, on behalf of the Chiang family, delivered the two Chiang diaries written by Chiang Kai shek and Chiang Jingguo to the Hoover Institute of Stanford University in the United States for safekeeping. However, Jiang Jingguo’s eldest granddaughter believed that Jiang Fangzhiyi embezzled the property, and the ownership of the diary should be shared by Jiang Jingguo’s heirs, and Jiang Fangzhiyi was not qualified to deliver the diary on behalf of the entire family

Chiang Kai-shek's only daughter, married a Japanese spy and a red agent first, but Chiang didn't know!

Just as the dispute continued, the 90-year-old Jiang Yaoguang also stood up and said that he was the first heir of the estate. Although that is true, the descendants of the Jiang family said that even if Jiang Yaoguang had the right of inheritance, it was only part of it, and it could not completely resolve the dispute between the Jiang familyIn fact, Jiang Yaoguang had no intention of fighting for Chiang Kai-shek’s property, but hoped that he could stand up and resolve the internal strife of Chiang family

However, the fate of Jiang Yaoguang, the adopted daughter, did not play a role. In fact, Jiang Yaoguang did not care about Chiang Kai-shek’s heritage, nor did he have much feelings between Chiang Kai-shek. After Chiang Kai-shek met Song Meiling, Chiang Kai-shek basically did not care about Chiang Yaoguang

Why did Jiang Yaoguang, the only daughter of Chiang Kai-shek, marry a Japanese spy first and then a red agent? Is it against his father Chiang Kai-shek

Chiang Kai-shek's only daughter, married a Japanese spy and a red agent first, but Chiang didn't know!

In 1937, when the Anti-Japanese War broke out, Shanghai was immediately lost. Jiang Yaoguang and his mother followed thousands of people in Shanghai and began to flee. But how can it be so easy for women who are powerless and girls under the age of 20 to live in the chaos of the worldBut at this time, the appearance of a kind man seemed to illuminate Jiang Yaoguang’s life

The man surnamed An is a Korean. He took care of his mother and daughter on the way to the escape of Jiang Yaoguang and Chen Jieru. Jiang Yaoguang, who lacked father’s love since childhood, was also deeply moved by the sincere man who gave selfless help to his life in front of him. However, Chen Jieru did not have a good feeling for the man of unknown origin. But at this time, Jiang Yaoguang was deeply involved and insisted on marrying this man. Finally, Chen Jieru said that Jiang Yaoguang could not help but watch her daughter step into her own failed marriage

At first,Jiang Yaoguang and the Korean men were fairly happy. Jiang Yaoguang also gave birth to two children for the men. Seeing that the War of Resistance Against Japan was about to win, Jiang Yaoguang thought that he would be able to live the stable life of a husband and a son in his dream, However, it was unexpected that her husband disappeared after the overall victory of the Anti-Japanese WarAfter that, Jiang Yaoguang struggled to find the missing husband, but unexpectedly, he finally waited for the news that his husband was a Japanese spy

Chiang Kai-shek's only daughter, married a Japanese spy and a red agent first, but Chiang didn't know!

After the War of Resistance Against Japan, the man was afraid of an accident in the east window, so he left his wife and two children and ran away without trace. Jiang Yaoguang was greatly affected by this. She could not believe that the happy time of those years was a beautiful dream. Although the dream had awakened, the days would continue to go on, so Jiang Yaoguang was from then on, He began to raise two children alone

Jiang Yaoguang, the only daughter of Chiang Kai-shek, married Lu Jiuzhi, a red agent. What is the story between the two

Although Jiang Yaoguang lives alone with his children, he still hasn’t given up his desire for love and hope for life. At a party, Jiang Yaoguang met a gentle man, named Lu Jiuzhi, who is the staff of the Kuomintang’s major general, who is honest and talented, Jiang Yaoguang was immediately attracted by the gentle man in front of him. At that time, the two talked happily at the party and left contact information with each other

Chiang Kai-shek's only daughter, married a Japanese spy and a red agent first, but Chiang didn't know!

At first, they were just friends.Lu Jiuzhi, 20 years older than Jiang Yaoguang, saw her with two children alone, so she would always help when she couldBut as they get along longer and longer, they find that they have the same views on many things. There are always endless topics to talk about together. There is no generation gap because of age. Over time, both of them fall in loveLu Jiuzhi believed that Jiang Yaoguang was the woman who wanted to guard her life. Soon after, Lu Jiuzhi made a marriage request to Jiang Yaoguang

But Jiang Yaoguang, who has experienced a failed marriage, dare not make up his mind at this time. So he told Chen Jieru about his depression, but Chen Jieru was very optimistic about Lu Jiuzhi and thought that Lu Jiuzhi was a responsible man, Lu Jiuzhi’s identity, like her first husband, is not simple, but the red agent of our party

Chiang Kai-shek's only daughter, married a Japanese spy and a red agent first, but Chiang didn't know!

Originally, Lu Jiuzhi was a senior official of the Kuomintang, but in fact, Lu Jiuzhi secretly joined the underground organization of the Communist Party of China as early as 1927, and then Lu Jiuzhi entered the Kuomintang to collect useful information for the organizationHowever, it was not Lu Jiuzhi’s intention to marry Jiang Yaoguang, but Lu Jiuzhi really liked Jiang Yaoguang. In fact, Jiang Yaoguang has been separated from Jiang’s family with his mother for a long time, and has become Chiang Kai-shek’s son-in-law, which did not provide much assistance to Lu Jiuzhi in intelligence work

After Lu Jiuzhi’s arrest, Chiang Kai-shek was extremely angry and wanted to eliminate Lu JiuzhiBut the crying of Chen Jieru and Jiang Yaoguang’s mother and daughter made Chiang Kai-shek very difficult. In order to marry Song Meiling, he abandoned Chen Jieru and Jiang Yaoguang’s mother and daughter. The public opinion was not good. Now if he killed his daughter’s husband, it would cause another stormAfter much thought, Chiang Kai-shek finally decided to let Lu Jiuzhi go. After that, Lu Jiuzhi and Jiang Yaoguang returned to their peaceful and busy lives

Chiang Kai-shek's only daughter, married a Japanese spy and a red agent first, but Chiang didn't know!

Although Lu Jiuzhi is busy with his work and often can’t accompany Jiang Yaoguang, for Jiang Yaoguang, even though the time for the couple to get together is short, the hearts of the two people are connected. It is also a very happy thing to wait for the return of his husband alone at home. Jiang Yaoguang thought that when Lu Jiuzhi was no longer so busy at work, the couple could enjoy their own life, but Chen Jieru was seriously ill in Hong Kong and would soon dieJiang Yaoguang finally flew to Hong Kong to take care of his seriously ill mother. Since then, Jiang Yaoguang and Lu Jiuzhi have lived separately

In 1971, Chen Jieru died in Hong Kong, and Jiang Yaoguang also successfully inherited most of Chen Jieru’s property. But at this time, the mainland is in a special period, and Jiang Yaoguang chose to settle in Hong Kong because of his sensitive identity. In 1983, Lu Jiuzhi and Jiang Yaoguang had not seen each other for more than ten years. In that year, Lu Jiuzhi obtained the permission to visit relatives in Hong Kong and met his lover who was thinking about it day and night

Chiang Kai-shek's only daughter, married a Japanese spy and a red agent first, but Chiang didn't know!

At that time, the living conditions in Hong Kong were good, and Jiang Yaoguang lived very well. Many people persuaded Lu Jiuzhi to stay in Hong Kong and live with Jiang YaoguangBut Lu Jiuzhi refused this request. Lu Jiuzhi believed that the mainland was his home. Even if many of Lu Jiuzhi’s children settled in Hong Kong or overseas, Lu Jiuzhi insisted on living in the mainland for a long timeHowever, their relationship is still the same. Even if they can’t see each other, they often write to each other and greet each other. In her later years, Jiang Yaoguang is keen on doing charity and hopes to do her best to help those in need. Although her life has been bumpy, she always retains a brave and optimistic heart

Chiang Kai-shek's only daughter, married a Japanese spy and a red agent first, but Chiang didn't know!

Jiang Yaoguang was lucky. She changed from an abandoned baby cradle to the eldest daughter of the Jiang family. Jiang Yaoguang was also unfortunate. Her life was full of ups and downs due to the lack of fatherly love and the failure of marriage. However, Jiang Yaoguang never stopped his pace of progress. Finally, I met Lu Jiuzhi, the love of my life, and I was able to spend my old age in peace

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