Russian spacecraft cannot dock with China’s Tiangong station for the time being

 Russian spacecraft cannot dock with China Tiangong station for the time being

May 9. Yang Yuguang, spokesman of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), said that due to the location of the Oriental space launch site, Russian manned spacecraft will not be able to reach China’s Tiangong national orbital station

“ In the future, it is possible to launch manned and cargo spacecraft (to Tiangong if) from the territory of other countries. But as far as Russia is concerned, there is a factor that must be considered. Russia’s territory is located at a high latitude. In order to dock with China, we have a simple requirement for the space station: the latitude of the launch pad cannot be higher than 42 degrees, which is the difficulty with Russia; Yuguang said on the program of China Global Television Network (cgtn)

“ However, for other countries, such as European countries, they have a space port in French Guiana, so it is not difficult for Europeans to launch spacecraft to the Chinese orbital station, as is the case in Japan and the United States; Yuguan added

He also pointed out that China is currently considering sending nine experiments from 17 countries to the national orbital station, an initiative supported by the United Nations, adding that the instruments for these experiments can be used as early as next year, and Chinese astronauts will work with them

On June 15 last year, Dmitry middot, director of the Russian Federal Space Agency; Rogozin announced that negotiations were under way on sending Russian astronauts to the Chinese orbital station. Sergei middot, head of the Russian Federal Space Agency; Krikalev’s adviser said that the Russian Federal Space Agency is studying China’s proposal to send Russian astronauts to the Chinese orbital station, but specific negotiations have not yet begun. Alexander &middot, executive director of the Russian federal science agency; Bloshenko told Interfax that the state-owned company and the China Space Administration had reached an oral agreement on the integration of manned spacecraft with the super heavy launch vehicles of the two countries

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