Is there any need to recover the relationship that tore the face?

I spent 5000 yuan to buy a cashmere coat. My friend liked it very much and asked me to transfer the coat to her. She promised to give me the money later. In a few days, she returned me a washed coat that was deformed and said that the clothes were not needed. I made a decision that she regretted

I bought a coat of 5000 yuan

She is 3 years older than me. I have always called her Sister Lan. We are peers, but we work in different companies, and we know her only occasionally. She helped me resolve an embarrassment, so she became my friend.

The year before last, we were also sent by the company to study in Guangzhou. We had classes in the daytime and had free time at night. We made an appointment to go to the Guangzhou Tower to see the night scenery of the Pearl River and to Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street to eat snacks. Many streets and alleys in Guangzhou have left our traces.

Once, we went to Beijing Road for shopping. It was almost New Year’s Day. I was going to buy a cashmere coat. In a special store, I took a fancy to a red double-sided coat. The coat was well cut. It was not only warm but also different in temperament.

Sister Lan used to sit on the sofa and play with her mobile phone. When she saw the effect of wearing that coat, her eyes lit up. She walked around me around and said that it was beautiful. The clothes looked ordinary when hanging. I didn’t expect it to look so beautiful when wearing it.

Sister Lan said to the waiter,”Give me one. I also want to try it.” The waiter said,”I’m sorry, this dress is a limited edition, only three pieces. Now there is only this medium size one left. Many people like it, but it’s a pity that it can’t be worn. If you sell it earlier, you are lucky.”.

Sister Lan is about the same size as me. She wears medium size clothes. I take off my coat and let her try it. She looks very beautiful. She immediately looks younger than ten years old. She turns left and right in front of the mirror. After a long time, she can see that she likes it very much.

I told her that this coat is very suitable for you. If you like it, buy it? With a smile in her eyes, she asked the waiter,”How much is this dress?”

The waiter picked up the calculator, calculated and said,”The original price of the coat is 6999 yuan, and there is only one piece left. I will give you a 20% discount according to the member discount price. It only costs 5599 yuan.”

“What? A dress costs more than five thousand? It’s too expensive, too expensive.”

Sister Lan said it was too expensive, too expensive, but she still didn’t want to take off her clothes. Touch it here, touch it there. I really like it.

The waitress smiled and said,”Don’t hesitate if your sister is so beautiful, or I will apply for a VIP price for you, and give you another 10% discount. Wow, it’s only 5039 yuan after the discount. It’s very cost-effective.”

Sister Lan looked in front of the mirror for more than ten minutes, and then reluctantly took off her coat. She said it was too expensive to buy. Slightly, it looks good on you. Please accept it.

Finally, I made another effort to ask the waiter to erase the change of 39 yuan and buy the coat at the price of 5000 yuan.

A coat that I like in material, cutting and color is not available. Although it is a little expensive, it is also within the scope of consumption. I feel happy after purchasing it.

Is there any need to recover the relationship that tore the face?

She begged me, and I reluctantly gave up

Sister Lan later went to five or six coat stores. She said that I didn’t believe it and couldn’t buy a cheap and good-looking coat. In fact, none of the coats interviewed later satisfied her.

She said, go, don’t buy it. I’ll invite you to eat double-skin milk. I said,”Well, you invite me to eat double-skin milk, and I’ll invite you to eat barbecued rice in the evening.”.

We each ordered a bowl of double-skin milk, a bowl of radish and beef offal, and sat down on the busy street eating and chatting. Contrary to my good mood, she was always unhappy.

Several times, she looked at me, hesitating to speak. After a long time, she made up her mind and said,”I still like your coat. Can you transfer it to me?”

I was a little embarrassed and said,”But this coat is also my favorite. I’m going to buy it for the New Year.”

Seeing my hesitation, she quickly added:”My niece will get married in two days, and I want to wear beautiful clothes to drink the wedding wine. Usually, my sisters and sisters say that my clothes are not up to grade and have no temperament. It is rare to meet a coat so suitable for me, so you can bear to give up and give it to me, OK?”

Seeing how pathetic she said, I said, OK, let me give you the clothes.

When Sister Lan heard that I would give her my clothes, she swept away the previous depression and happily made a”yes” move. She reached out and took the shopping bag from me and held it tightly in her arms, afraid that I would grab it back.

I sent the card number to her:”Sister Lan, if it is convenient, you can directly transfer the money to my card. There is a service charge for withdrawing cash through WeChat, which is not cost-effective.”

She said no problem, but I don’t have so much money on me. I will transfer money to you as soon as I get paid next week.

The next day, we finished our study trip in Guangzhou.

Is there any need to recover the relationship that tore the face?

I thought the bag was filled with gifts. It turned out to be a relationship that broke the face.

The next day after I came back, I asked a friend to chat in the coffee shop. Suddenly, she stared at her mobile phone and said,”Sister Lan finally wore the right clothes this time. This coat showed her temperament.”

The friend said, and then handed me her mobile phone. She took a picture of wearing a red coat with the wedding scene as the background. The words were as follows: The coat of 10000 yuan was heartache when paying the bill, and it was happy and worth wearing!

I searched the WeChat circle of friends, but I couldn’t find the circle of friends that Lan Sisfa had.

I snickered. It turned out that Sister Lan had a strong sense of vanity. She changed her 5000 yuan coat into 10000 yuan coat, shielding me because only I knew the truth.

A week later, Sister Lan called me and asked where I was?

I thought she was ready to pay me back when she got her salary, so I said you can transfer the money to my card.

She said no, I want to see you once.

When we met, she handed me a large environmental bag. I laughed and teased her:”Today is not my birthday. You brought me such a big gift without saying anything?”

She smiled and said nothing. My curiosity was stronger. I don’t know what medicine she sold in the gourd?

When I opened the bag, the contents inside looked familiar. It was the red coat. What do you mean by that?

She said,”When I went to the wedding reception and came back, my coat smelled of smoke, so I put it in the washing machine to wash it. Unexpectedly, the clothes were deformed and smaller. The quality of your clothes is too poor, I don’t want it anymore.”

“I have something to do. Let’s go first.” She ran away without waiting for me to speak.

I was so angry that I called her at the back:”The cashmere coat can’t be washed by the washing machine. If you wash it yourself, return it to me. Who can I find to return it?”

She pretended not to hear and ran faster.

After that, I couldn’t get through her phone, and WeChat was hacked.

A friend who knew me and her told me privately that Sister Lan went everywhere to tell you:”I bought a low-quality coat at a low price and wanted to resell it to me. Fortunately, I found out her plot, so I didn’t fall for it.”

I asked my friend to help me find out the picture of Sister Lan wearing a red coat, along with the screenshot of my payment and the picture of Sister Lan’s coat back. I wrote the cause and effect clearly and sent a circle of friends.

The next day, a strange phone call came in. It was Sister Lan. She said angrily,”How can you do this? Do you know that many friends saw your circle of friends talking about me behind my back, even my customers didn’t cooperate with me, and you killed me.”

I said,”I’m just telling the truth. Did we buy the overcoat together? I bought the overcoat, and you begged me to give it to you? You said that I would give it to me after I paid the salary, but because of your personal reasons, the overcoat was deformed, and then returned the deformed overcoat to me. I will bear all the consequences, don’t you think it’s too much?”

After that, I hung up the phone. When she called again, I blacked her number.

Two months later, a friend called me and said,”Sister Lan encountered a problem in her work. The supervisor gave her half a month. If she could not solve the problem, she would let her go. She said that you can solve the problem. I hope your adult will help her, regardless of the small person’s fault. As long as you help her, she will compensate for the loss of your coat and invite you to dinner.”

The friend then said,”Sister Lan said she had no face to face you. She begged me for a long time. Let me call you first and ask you to forgive her. As for whether you can see her or not, you can decide for yourself. After all, she did too much.”

I said I was missing. The relationship between tearing my face broke my heart. There was no need to save it.

Is there any need to recover the relationship that tore the face?

Write at the end

We are all adults, and we have to be responsible for what we say and do. Some relationships break down and it is difficult to go back.

No matter family, love or friendship, sincerity can be exchanged for sincerity.

You respect me, I respect you.

If you offend me, you will lose the meaning I sincerely treat you, and you will be a passer-by from now on.

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