Is a 60-year-old man old enough?

Is a 60-year-old man old enough?

This year, I am 62 years old, with a pension of 4000 yuan, living in a small city in the fifth tier, and living alone with my wife. I feel really old, but I dare not grow old, nor can I afford to grow old. My task has not been completed!

As a newly retired person, I have made great changes in my behavior, physical features, mentality and living habits. My wife said to me: After 60 years old, I really see it is an old man!

Is a 60-year-old man old enough?

I used to be restless about the status quo, constantly taking risks and challenges, and fighting hard, but now I start to be prudent, and I will not do anything that brings risks to me, and I will become cautious when I do anything. No matter what I do, I will do it only when I put safety first and protect myself and my family.

I used to be very busy, and I was afraid of being lonely wherever people went. At work, I like to chat with young colleagues when I have nothing to do. I laugh all day and have a good attitude. When I go home from work, I will go out for a drink with a few buddies and talk about it. On Saturday and Sunday, we don’t visit relatives, travel with partners, or go out with clubs.

Is a 60-year-old man old enough?

I used to have a strong sexual desire. I had to deal with my husband and wife almost once a day. My wife’s family life was heavy. Many times I was reluctant to deal with such things, but I was afraid that I would go out and have sex, so I had to meet my physiological needs.

I used to have black and shiny hair, shiny face, neat and white teeth, straight waist, windy walk, walk from the first floor to the seventh floor, never gasp for breath, decorate 100 kg of sand at home, I can carry 2 bags together.

Is a 60-year-old man old enough?

After the age of 60, everything has changed. Although I look at myself in the mirror every day and say to myself, I am young, I am straight away, but the years do not forgive me, I am really old.

1. The sexual desire is decreased. There is not one thing between husband and wife in half a month. There is no love between men and women at all. It is family love.

2. The face is wrinkled, and the crow’s tail wrinkles are similar to the terraces. Tears can be stored in the lower pouch.

3. The mouth is full of open teeth and leaking teeth, and a bad tooth. The disease can be seen. The toothache can’t be cured. It takes a car to treat the mouth full of teeth. It’s really like crying without tears.

4. The hairline moved back, the hair loss was serious, and baldness began. The sideburns on the top of the head were all golden white hair. In a fit of anger, he lost his bald head to avoid looking annoying.

Is a 60-year-old man old enough?

Walking is stooping, slow and unwilling to walk. If you walk more, you will be tired and sweaty.

6. The vision begins to decline, and the words of watching TV are blurred. The mobile phone will become dry and itchy after watching for a while.

He began to suffer from urinary incontinence, often unable to hold his urine, and never dared to stay at other people’s homes for fear of disturbing their rest in the middle of the night, which is too impolite.

8 He began to recognize and advise his children, and spoke carefully with them. If he could suffer losses outside, he would suffer losses.

Is a 60-year-old man old enough?

9 became more and more stingy. In the past, I never bargained for food and clothes, and I didn’t look for any change. Now there are five currencies, and one point saved is one point.

After seeing through the social truth, he began to be reticent, not to cause trouble in his mouth, and kept all secrets.

The physical strength is getting worse and worse. I dare not carry the rice of 50 kg/bag upstairs any more. I would rather spend more money than deliver it to the door of the grain and oil store.

Sleep is getting shallower and shallower. It wakes up when there is a little movement, and it can’t sleep all night. Almost six hours of sleep a day.

Is a 60-year-old man old enough?

More and more cherish their lives, fall in love with health care products, and go to the drugstore to watch when they are free. The family also has a sphygmomanometer. Before going out every day, my wife and I will measure it to find problems and prevent and treat them as soon as possible.

More and more do not like to make friends, hate hypocrisy, do not want to deal with people, like to be alone, do not want to fawn on, like to be real.

Life habits began to be self-disciplined, and people would not drink alone without guests at home. Stop eating big fish and big meat, and begin to love coarse grains. In order to avoid excessive obesity and tolerate three high diseases. When you start exercising, you are saving money for your life account.

The body function is decreased. Every day, it is either stomachache, headache, buttock pain, or gout. The body will constantly send out various bad signals.

Is a 60-year-old man old enough?

I like to recall. When I have nothing to do, I will be in a daze. I can’t help laughing when I think of those meaningful highlights.

We will no longer take risks. We will be more and more cautious in everything related to money, such as investment and financial management, guarantee for others, and purchase houses and land.

They become more and more lazy and greasy. They don’t like to move. They lie on the sofa, watch football games and play games every day.

20. He has a lot of phlegm, runny nose, and old age. He feels sloppy. He is not clean and upright when he is young.

Is a 60-year-old man old enough?

Conclusion: Facts have proved that we are old at the age of 60, but we dare not grow old and can’t enjoy the life of the elderly.

Because we have just retired, if our health allows, we should still go out to work, make plans for retirement early, and save more coffin costs, so as not to see the onset of illness when serious illness comes.

2. We should make more contributions to our children, help them take care of their children, and let them go all out to fight for their careers.

There are less than 80 years old and more than old fathers. We are children in front of them, but we have to pay our all to support them.

Is a 60-year-old man old enough?

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