The 13th day of the French Open: nadar zvilev staged a dialogue between powerful countries and ludcilic rushed to the first finals

it was reported on June 3, Beijing time that the 2022 French Open will enter the 13th competition day tonight, and the two men’s singles semifinals will be staged. On his 36th birthday, Nadal faced zvilev, who was aiming to challenge for the Grand Slam champion and No.1, and the first Grand Slam semi finalist, Norwegian gerud, against Croatian veteran Cilic.

Philippe chatier stadium starts at 20:45

Nadal vs zvilev

Nadal is celebrating his 36th birthday today. This is the eighth time Nadal has played on his birthday in his career. The previous seven games have taken place in the French Open without exception, with a total of 6 wins and 1 loss. The only loss came from the 3-0 defeat to Djokovic in the 2015 French Open quarter finals.

 the 13th day of the French Open: nadar zvilev staged a dialogue between powerful countries, and ludcilic rushed to the first finals

Nadal of the French Open sent three 3-0 matches in the first three rounds this year. In the fourth round, when facing the powerful challenge of aliyasim, he narrowly crossed the barrier with 3-2. However, the 59th Dena decision in the quarter final was that the Spaniard won 3-1, which also ended the defending journey of Xiao De and ranked in the top four of the games for the 15th time. In the semi-finals of the French Open, Nadal had a record of 13 wins and 1 loss. The only loss was the 1-3 loss to Djokovic last year. Tonight he will strive to reach the 14th French Open final and the 30th Grand Slam final.

 the 13th day of the French Open: nadar zvilev staged a dialogue between powerful countries and ludcilic rushed to the first finals

in the last round, zvilev took revenge on the favorite alcarras, and won his first victory against the world’s top ten in the Grand Slam. After Djokovic’s exit, zvilev had a good opportunity to hit the first place in the world. As long as the Germans finally won the championship, they could ascend to the top of the ball on June 6. This is the second consecutive year that zvilev reached the French Open quarter finals. Last year, he lost to sisypas in the semi-finals.

the two players had played 9 times before, and Nadal had 6 wins and 3 losses. Clay Nadal leads 4-1, and Grand Slam Nadal leads 1-0.

Rudd vs Cilic

in recent two seasons, Rudd has ranked top in the list of wins in clay events. This year, he became the first Norwegian player in the history of men’s tennis to reach the top four of a grand slam. If we beat Cilic tonight, his ranking will rise to a new high of sixth next week.

 the 13th day of the French Open: nadar zvilev staged a dialogue between powerful countries and ludcilic rushed to the first finals

for Cilic, tonight is another milestone. In the quarter finals, Cilic narrowly defeated lublev in the decisive set, becoming the fifth player in active service to unlock the four Grand Slam semifinals. If we beat Rudd, he will also become the fifth person in active service after the big four, unlocking the four Grand Slam finals.

 the 13th day of the French Open: nadar zvilev staged a dialogue between powers, and ludcilic rushed to the first finals

the two sides had met twice before, and Rudd kept winning.

which two finalists do you prefer?

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