Love an artist, from youth to maturity, review the experience of Shanghai beach

I have always liked Chow Yun fat very much. Among the roles he plays, whether xuwenqiang, who seems to have lost justice in Shanghai beach but is struggling in his heart, or brother Ma, who covers the sky in hero true colors, or the iron hearted and tender professional killer presented in the two heroes in blood, or the casual and elegant character he plays in the prodigal son of Suzhou, in a word, every role is perfect, Each character is incisively portrayed. In me, only one sentence can describe the feeling Fage gives me: laughter, anger and scolding are vivid.

among all these films, I still like watching Shanghai beach best. I first saw this TV play when I was 14 years old. At that time, Hou’s family just bought a TV set. The greatest pleasure every day is to finish your homework after dinner, and then move a small stool to sit in front of the TV, waiting for the graceful xuwenqiang and the beautiful and pure Cheng Cheng. See their stories, see their national hatred. Wen Qiang finally kills Cheng Cheng’s father. They are strangers. Cheng Cheng is going to France. Wen Qiang said: let me go to France with you. Chengcheng said: you are so selfish. At first I said to go to France, and you said to take revenge. Now you have taken revenge, but you said to go to France. Remember, when you have a choice between two things, you can’t have both because it’s not fair. Wen Qiang takes a suit handkerchief to wipe Qiang mask, but after all, he still tears. Zhengzheng iron man, at that moment, I cried because I had no choice, because I lost my favorite girl forever, which made me worried. Finally, Wen Qiang went to see her off. At the moment Cheng Cheng was ready to get off the bus, the two people looked at each other for a long time. They were sad and moved and could not bear to leave. At last he said: have a nice trip. She said: goodbye!

many years have passed, but I clearly remember that I cried when I saw here. I was very, very sad. At the age of 14, she is just a green little girl. How can she understand love? But I still cried, because two people who really like each other can’t be together, because the gentle Chengcheng has no shoulder to lean on

with the passage of time, I will still find it difficult to sleep in the late night. I will choose to watch this TV play when I am lonely. I will always see the morning light and see tears streaming down my face. In this mundane world, many things will have no choice but to separate because of the shackles of the world. Only lingering thoughts year after year can accompany the wandering and sad soul.

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