Cool! Japan was out, CCTV broadcast the Uber Cup final: China vs South Korea! Chen Yu, please finish class

Japan is out, Uber Cup final: China vs South Korea, live broadcast on CCTV5

With China’s 3-0 victory over Thailand and South Korea’s 3-0 victory over Japan, the opponent of the national badminton women’s team in the UEFA Cup final is the South Korean badminton team, which is also the 19th time that the national badminton women’s team has entered the UEFA Cup final

Chen Yu of the national feather men’s team doesn’t finish class, and the national feather men’s team has no future

Uber Cup final: at 14:00 on May 14, CCTV CCTV 5 broadcast live, Chinese women’s team vs South Korea

 Cool! Japan was out, CCTV broadcast the Uber Cup final: China vs South Korea! Chen Yu, please finish class

 Cool! Japan was out, CCTV broadcast the Uber Cup final: China vs South Korea! Chen Yu, please finish class


In the semi-final of Uber Cup, Japan was out and missed the final

The match between South Korea and Japan, (1) Yamaguchi 1-2 an Xiying, the score of three games: 21-15, 18-21, 18-21 an Xiying

(2) Matsuyama Naiwei / Zhitian Qianyang 0-2, Li Shaoxi / Shen shengzan, score of two games: 16-21, 17-21

(3) Aoyuan hopes that Jin Jiaen will win 1-2. The score of the three games is 12-21, 21-11 and 16-21

Some fans said: Japan 0-3 South Korea, Han Yu women’s team is as happy as winning the championship. The Japanese women’s badminton team is no longer good. Its peak is around 2018. At that time, it did win the Uber Cup

2018 Japan badminton women’s doubles “ Rape flower combination ” True peak; However, the peak of Japanese badminton is before, above and after the Tokyo Olympic Games

 Cool! Japan was out, CCTV broadcast the Uber Cup final: China vs South Korea! Chen Yu, please finish class


Guoyu women’s team advanced to the finals, “ Fanchen combination ” Say you want to make up for 18 years of regret

Chen Chenchen / Jia Yifan said: I put a lot of pressure on myself when I played, because I really want to make up for my regret here for 18 years Although encountered many problems, but still. I have great confidence in our ability to solve difficulties when we encounter problems. We are not afraid of mistakes. We can correct them in time

 Cool! Japan was out, CCTV broadcast the Uber Cup final: China vs South Korea! Chen Yu, please finish class

Chen Yufei said: to find their own light

Through social media, chenyufei sent a message: four years ago, at my lowest point, I ushered in this identical Uber Cup. In the past six months, a lot has happened and experienced a lot. My body and training have always been difficult to get on track. I feel like I am in the dark and can’t find a way out

Then, Chen Yufei also said: to find their own light! I also keep telling myself that if I insist on it and be brave, I may be able to see the light. Finally, today I see a little light. In the last war, no matter how dark it is, I will find my own light

The Chinese team entered the final of the Uber Cup for the 19th time and looked forward to the victory of the Guoyu women’s team over South Korea to win the Uber Cup

Look forward to Chen Yu’s class

Chen Yu of the national feather men’s team doesn’t finish class, and the national feather men’s team has no future. Lin Dan is old. Guoyu has no more men

 Cool! Japan was out, CCTV broadcast the Uber Cup final: China vs South Korea! Chen Yu, please finish class

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