Guanxuan Shengdi new agency for voice of Denmark system audio

As a professional institution in the field of high-end intelligence, audio and video distribution and integration in China, Shengdi audio-visual intelligence has been deeply engaged in the custom installation industry for nearly 20 years. During this period, no matter how surging the industry and how surging the market, Shengdi always With the purpose of”exceeding users’ desire” and the goal of”bringing real high-quality audio-visual and intelligent home enjoyment to customers” And keep moving forward

 guanxuan Shengdi new agent voice of Denmark system audio

Home theater brand represented by Shengdi

Now, the agent lineup of Shengdi has been expanded again. At the recent sound exhibition in Munich, Germany, System Audio announced that it has become a long-term strategic partner with Sandi. Sandi has won the system Audio China general agency, Authorized agent for all its series of products

Shengdi has more than 200 franchisees and distributors nationwide, and has achieved good market reputation and business performance in China’s customized installation speaker market. This time, the company cooperates with the strong brand and product strength of the voice of Denmark system audio, and the two complement each other. With strong cooperation, the market potential will be unlimited

 guanxuan Shengdi new agent voice of Denmark system audio

System audio, with Pure Danish origin The brand-new audio brand was officially launched in Denmark in 1984

Loudspeaker is a technology and art product with personal subjective color. The idea of the founder determines the uniqueness of this brand

Mr. ole witth ø ft, founder and designer of system audio, is a musician, performer and composer. He is a talented person

Born in the hands of musicians, system audio is destined to firmly support Musicality and authenticity of sound, Committed to creating High standard”voice of Denmark”


System audio The idea is that sound always serves the”listener”

 guanxuan Shengdi new agent voice of Denmark system audio

In order to create better sound performance, the High reaction speed It is worth mentioning The bass unit adopts a lightweight and solid unit diaphragm The sound performance is easy to retract and play, clean and without procrastination

At the same time, system audio has developed a system using Tweeter of DXT acoustic lens technology, It can make the sound fill the whole room to a greater extent. The sound sounds like Rich details, pleasant and comfortable, re broadcast exquisite and moving treble details

 guanxuan Shengdi new agent voice of Denmark system audio

Up to now, the speakers of system audio have been worldwide , Almost sold all over the world. Have The compact and delicate”voice of Denmark” is famous


Minimalist custom installation speakers, Mini Hi-Fi Coming

 guanxuan Shengdi new agent voice of Denmark system audio

System audio can be described as Minimalist custom installation speakers, Different from traditional embedded design, system audio’s The wall mounted installation design can meet the diversified needs of space installation, And the installation is very simple. The high-quality sound effect and powerful function configuration of the speaker, together with its customized acoustic optimization software, can easily build a cinema system with simple and clear operation, while meeting the requirements of the home environment

 guanxuan Shengdi new agent voice of Denmark system audio

System audio adheres to the brand concept, follows the high standard”voice of Denmark” and keeps pace with the times. It will Mini HI FI is a”SLR” in the field of speakers. Compared with traditional hi fi, the system is simpler to build and more convenient to use. It can be directly connected with TV and wireless push, and the price is more people-friendly

 guanxuan Shengdi new agent voice of Denmark system audio

System audio supports The new generation of WISA wireless transmission technology , Access and transfer high-quality digital music

It can also be used with Stereo hub wireless controller When used in combination, almost all connection modes in the market will be connected, and it will be very easy to build a high-quality wireless hi fi system

In addition, through Room service (room calibration application), RAM tweaks (room acoustic optimization software), with SA cockpit app, Upgrade the sound of the music system to get a better music experience


 guanxuan Shengdi new agent voice of Denmark system audio

 guanxuan Shengdi new agent voice of Denmark system audio

System audio has Northern European minimalist design , Classic black-and-white color, elegant walnut color, in line with modern aesthetics, with The exquisite craftsmanship of Nordic craftsmen, While appreciating the good sound, it is integrated into the home environment and can be regarded as a part of home decoration


 guanxuan Shengdi new agent voice of Denmark system audio

At the 2022 sound exhibition in Munich, Germany, from May 19 to 22, system audio exhibited many of its best-selling products: Air atmosphere series, Saxo Sax series, Legend Legend Legend series, legend silverback series

On this occasion, Santi announced that it has become the general agent of the Danish sound brand system audio in China, covering all its series of products System audio will meet you at future exhibitions

Compared with the Dynaudio Dana, the first Danish audio brand, pursues a high degree of sound reproduction while retaining dynamics, As another representative of the voice of Denmark, Fully integrate music, design and technology into the product, Santi deeply recognizes this and believes that system audio will bring a completely different experience to fans who pursue music and digital technology

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