Why do girls like to use Apple phones instead of Huawei?

 Why do girls like to use Apple phones instead of Huawei

Since Huawei fell to the altar, the iPhone has directly occupied the largest share of high-end mobile phones. Looking at the Internet and roads, it seems that almost everyone has an Apple phone, especially the majority of girls. Why do girls like to use Apple phones instead of others?

 Why do girls like to use Apple phones instead of Huawei

The reasons are as follows:

Excellent appearance:

Beauty is the first thing women buy, ranging from their cosmetics to cars. Such good sales of Mercedes Benz, the most cost-effective in BBA, is the fundamental factor

The same is true for the iPhone. When the iPhone 4S, known as the divine machine, was released, almost no one in the world could win the iPhone 4S in appearance except Vodafone and Samsung. The concise design of the iPhone 4S is a favorite of many people

Rich accessories:

Someone said that Sony Ericsson also has beautiful machines, such as LT18 and XXX. Indeed, some models may have the same design as iphone4s, but they will get tired of it over time. But iphone4s is different. What was the mobile phone with the most mobile phone accessories in the whole network in those days? It’s the iPhone, not to mention the past. Even now, the iPhone is the mobile phone with the most accessories in the whole network. Do you think I can change the shell after watching the appearance of the mobile phone for a long time; You think this power bank is too heavy and not good-looking. I’ll just change it into a magnetic suction Mini

 Why do girls like to use Apple phones instead of Huawei

Easy to use:

Ten years ago, there were four mobile phone systems: apple, Android, Symbian and Microsoft. Symbian is close to being eliminated, Microsoft is very difficult to use, and only apple and Android have been competing for the first position. However, the Android system in that era was too difficult to use, because the mobile phone hardware could not keep up. It was too common to restart several times a week, get stuck in two or three days, flash back the software from time to time every day, automatically download a pile of junk software, and jump advertisements and viruses

Every Android user has the necessary skills to search the Android forum for about 11 years. Basically, every Android user has the necessary skills to search the Android forum for a few years

But if you look at Apple in turn, it is not only not fluent, but also will not automatically download junk software, and there is no advertising. In addition to these, there are fun and easy-to-use apps in the app store. As long as the app is updated, it must be adapted to Apple first. This feeling of being treated differently must be deeply experienced by those who used Android in those years, even now

Local tyrant symbol:

Yes, it’s the price. When the iPhone was born that year, although there was a Nokia mobile phone that could buy a mobile phone with a price of nearly 10000, it was not something that ordinary people could consume. However, the iPhone was different. Although it was a number of thousands and close to 5K in that year, many people could afford it at a jump

In those days, when everyone took out their mobile phones, you had Sony Ericsson lt18i worth 3000 in your hand, he had Nokia 7600 worth 2600 in his hand, and another person had HTC Desire bought by 3200 in his hand. Ah, only you took out 4988 iphone4s, and suddenly you became the symbol of a rich man

You know, in 2011 released by iphone4s, according to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the average monthly salary in Shanghai is only 4331 yuan. You can’t afford an iphone4s a month! So the iPhone at that time was definitely a symbol of installing X and local tyrants

It is for four reasons that Apple’s mobile phone has made an impression on consumers. Even though Android phones have made rapid progress and even surpassed apple in some places, even if Android phones sell for tens of thousands of prices, most girls don’t care about these.

With good reputation, good-looking and easy to use, they can only choose apples instead of others.

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