During the 618 period, the three mobile phones were the most worth buying. The price was no more than 2599 yuan. Which one do you prefer

Hello, everyone. I am a good man. With the arrival of 618, major manufacturers have started price reduction and promotion activities. In order to attract consumers to buy, many manufacturers began to lay out the 618 e-commerce festival in late May, and also carried out pre-sale. Faced with the price reduction of many models, many users have been dazzled and do not know how to start. Today, my lover will plant several models with you for your reference.

 618 these three mobile phones were the most worth buying during the period, and the price did not exceed 2599 yuan. Which one do you prefer

during the 618 event, the sales volume of the first red rice K50 was one of the best in the latest pre-sale mobile phones. Liangren planted this mobile phone not only because of its good sales, but also because of its strong comprehensive performance. The Tianji 8100 processor is equipped with a 5nm process, which is more advanced than the Xiaolong 888 process and has a very low power consumption performance. Most importantly, this 6.67-inch E4 luminous material, Samsung 2K straight screen, is the only one in this price range. It also supports 120Hz refresh rate, 480HZ touch sampling rate, hdr10+ dynamic display and Dolby horizon.

 618 these three mobile phones were the most worth buying during the period, and the price did not exceed 2599 yuan. Which one do you prefer

What’s more difficult is that it is also equipped with a 5500mah super large capacity battery, which has a longer endurance than iphone13 Pro max. it is also equipped with a 67W flash charge, which can charge 80% in 30 minutes. The endurance is very strong. It is precisely because of these strong configurations that Hongmi K50 achieved very good sales in the 618 pre-sale stage this year. On the other hand, Hongmi K50 has an extremely high cost performance ratio. At present, under the preferential policies of the 618 event, the price of its 12g+256g version is only 2599 yuan. The price of its 5500mah large battery and Samsung 2k+120hz screen is too close to the people.

 618 these three mobile phones were the most worth buying during the period, and the price did not exceed 2599 yuan. Which one do you prefer

the second Motorola edge S30 champion, with a combination of 12g+512g memory and flash memory, has a very large storage capacity, which is very suitable for video editing practitioners and game lovers. The reason why Liangren grows this model is not only because of its large storage capacity, but also because its performance is very balanced in all aspects. It can be said that it uses high-end technology and low prices to capture consumers. At present, under the preferential policies of the 618 event, the price of the 12g+512g version is only 2299 yuan, 200 yuan lower than the red rice K50. In addition, there are very few mobile phones in the market that support 512g capacity, such as Xiaomi mix4 top configuration and Samsung S22 Ultra. The prices are very high.

 618 these three mobile phones were the most worth buying during the period, and the price did not exceed 2599 yuan. Which one do you prefer

the most important thing is that the Xiaolong 888plus processor is no worse than the Tianji 8100. It is a very powerful SOC and the cheapest Xiaolong 888plus mobile phone in the market. It is also equipped with a 144hz intelligent high brush E-sports screen. At present, most models on the market support 120Hz refresh rate. Not only are there very few models that support 144hz high refresh rate, but also the price is high. It is also equipped with 5000mAh high-capacity battery and 100 million level image system, which has a very excellent endurance and shooting experience. Such an all-around flagship model can start the 12g+512g version with only 2299 yuan during the 618 event, which is really very cost-effective.

 618 these three mobile phones were the most worth buying during the period, and the price did not exceed 2599 yuan. Which one do you prefer

the third one plus ace is a flagship mobile phone that focuses on performance and game experience. At present, under the preferential policies of 618 activities, the price of its 12g+256g version is only 2799 yuan. Liangren planted this model not only because of its powerful performance, but also because it has a long-life 150W super flash charging, which is the fastest fast charging technology in the market. There are also 13 temperature sensors and intelligent control chips, so there is no need to worry about charging safety. There is a loud slogan of”charging for one minute, driving a whole game”, which also shows that the endurance capability of Yijia ace is very strong. Compared with the Tianji 8100, the Tianji 8100-max, which is equipped with a 5nm process technology, has significantly upgraded its game stability, AI computing power and night video noise reduction ability, with very strong performance and low power consumption.

 618 these three mobile phones were the most worth buying during the period, and the price did not exceed 2599 yuan. Which one do you prefer

it is worth mentioning that it is also equipped with a game independent display chip, which has higher frame rate, lower power consumption and more stable games. The heat dissipation is also made of customized super crystalline graphite, and the heat dissipation efficiency of the same area is increased by 60%. In addition, the heat dissipation area of the whole machine is as high as 35198.2 mm2, and the heat dissipation area is increased by 84%. There is also a 120Hz high brush flexible OLED E-sports straight screen with 720hz sensitive touch response, which is quite easy to use. Flagship imx766 image system +ois anti shake, capable of shooting various scenes.

 618 these three mobile phones were the most worth buying during the period, and the price did not exceed 2599 yuan. Which one do you prefer

the above three mid-range models are very cost-effective, and the red rice K50 is one of the top sales in the 618 period. The Motorola edge S30 champion version has a very large storage capacity and strong performance. It will not be a problem for three to five years. And Yijia ace has more obvious advantages in games. I don’t know which one you prefer? It’s not easy to create. Long press for 3 seconds, which is my greatest support.

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