Are you a minimalist life?

now I advocate minimalist life, and I don’t know whether I belong to it or not.

on the contrary, it is always a principle to dress yourself, including adding to your family. Three sets per season, no more than four sets at most, are enough. No matter how good-looking they are, they will no longer be bought. Therefore, there is no difficulty in choosing clothes. At present, most of the clothes are purchased at par. Let alone the price of thousands, 700.800, are no longer within the scope of choice. The elimination rate is also high. In summer, they are basically 1 year, and other clothes are replaced in 2 to 3 years, The quantity of clothes has been kept constant every season, so there are no clothes in the wardrobe in the cloakroom.

similarly, there are no four seasons of shoes. They are all basic flat shoes. Buy three pairs at a time, wear them for about one year, and replace one batch.

there will never be such items that you are reluctant to lose, but keep them all the time and don’t wear any more.

never store bags from any occasion.

there are only two bags. One backpack is used to free hands when walking to work. One shoulder bag is used to put keys when going out on weekends.

I don’t envy people who buy too much or too expensive.

the advantage of this habit is that there is no heart block due to a full cabinet.

there is only one set of bedding, which is cleaned once a week.

there are few furniture at home, and there is no wardrobe or bedside table in the bedroom.

but he also likes to store life consumables.

many of them are bought in boxes, or many bottles, many.

some time ago, the epidemic has increased the hobby of storing meat and vegetables. Only when there is food at home can we be confident and happy.

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