Why do some people say that the expression of aging is to wash your hair in the morning?

With a good hairstyle, I am”the most beautiful girl in the whole gai”~

After the sexual awareness enlightenment, boys first start with their hair, the hormonal turmoil of adolescence, and the age at which they dare to try any hairstyleWhy do some people say that the expression of aging is to wash your hair in the morning?

And girls are strange species that”how can you wash your hair without going out”, or”wearing hats must be because you haven’t washed your hair”, so the expression of love for beauty is to wash your hair in the morning!

After careful consideration, the subject tied aging with morning shampoo, presumably to say that the expression of aging is that hair is oily~

In fact, the real aging is cranny skin, no matter the scalp or where the skin is dry and oil-free. There are many reasons why hair is oily, such as heredity, diet, staying up late, stress, high spirits, using the wrong shampoo, or simply because hair is washed too often.

Why do some people say that the expression of aging is to wash your hair in the morning?

Heredity is not much to say. Some people are born to secrete grease. The collars and pillows of clothes will soon become greasy. If they don’t wash and change frequently, they will have an unpleasant smell; Serious cases may also be accompanied by seborrheic dermatitis, which is extremely difficult to cure and painfulWhy do some people say that the expression of aging is to wash your hair in the morning?If you eat too much, you will get greasy if you are too greasy and spicy. It is easy to understand that you drink too much oil;

Staying up late, high pressure or high spirits are all of the same kind, which will directly affect the endocrineWhy do some people say that the expression of aging is to wash your hair in the morning?What surprises you most is that you wash your hair too often! This is because the scalp itself should have oil. Oil is part of the scalp oil film. If you wash it off again and again, you will send the wrong message to the sebaceous glands: the scalp is not protected by oil. So, it will continue to produce oil to replenish, and then you feel the oil, wash again, stimulate again, wash again vicious spiral!

Why do some people say that the expression of aging is to wash your hair in the morning?

The reason for using the wrong shampoo is the same as that for shampooing too often. You think you have a lot of oil, so you buy a shampoo with strong oil control. It is really refreshing after washing, but the sebaceous gland thinks you are short of oil, so you should supplement it immediately. If you wash your hair too often, you will feel greasy after repeated stimulation

To sum up, first, shampoo in the morning is to pay attention to the image. After all, the hair is fluffy, fresh and easy to take care of. It has nothing to do with aging; 2、 The reason why hair is oily is complex, and the exact reason can be found to cure the root cause. Only by washing, I’m afraid that the more I wash it, the more oily it will become.

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