At the age of 36, I lost my job today and still pretended to go to work. What should I do after sitting in the car for 4 hours?

Early in the morning, the Finance Department sent a message asking: Can you pay everyone today? I’ll go to the company if I have some, and I’ll stay at home if I don’t have any. I’m grateful that she didn’t say”hide”, but at least left some face for me.

There is no money to pay employees. This matter can be hidden from others, but it cannot be hidden from finance. So, I replied to her honestly: I’m really sorry that I haven’t got it yet.

She quickly replied,”It’s all right. How can we always run the company smoothly?”?

After a while, I saw her send a message in the company group: Because of something wrong with my baby, I have to take him to the hospital these days, and the salary date will be postponed. I’m really sorry, colleagues, I’m really sorry!

If finance is at my side now, I may be grateful to kneel down for her. The announcement she sent put the pot of delayed pay on her back and saved my dignity.

In fact, wages have been paid seven days late. In the past seven days, the Finance Department told everyone that because she had a lot to do this month, she had not finished the payroll calculation, so she had to postpone it.

In the past seven days, I have been asked from time to time whether I can advance my salary, and I will refund more or make up less when I pay my salary. I refused because I really didn’t have money.

I silently watched the reply from the group, and several people said that children are important, that children should be taken care of first, and that it is okay to pay late.

Then someone sent a smiling and crying expression and asked,”How many days is it? I am a moonlight family, waiting to buy rice to cook.”.

There was another expression that made me cry and said,”Me too, I am worse than you. I have been living beyond my means, and I have a pile of bills waiting to be paid.”.

The financial reply said, I’m really sorry. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience caused by my reason. I took my baby out of the house.

So, the group stopped.

However, as the boss, I can’t stop facing such a situation. My situation is very bad, because I have put all the money I can get into the company’s operation, which is basically exhausted. I don’t know who else can help me through this.

At this time, the finance department suddenly called to ask me to meet at a coffee shop. She said she would discuss something with me. My heart sank suddenly, and I wondered if she was going to leave? At this critical moment, if she leaves, I will be more anxious.

When I arrived at a coffee shop, my mood was even lower. A year ago, I often talked about PPT in its corner, including market, product, team, technology, business model, finance, etc. The small tables around me were always full of people. Finally, two people approved my business plan and became investors, so my company started.

It’s only a year. I was in high spirits, but now I’m in a bad mood. I silently found a remote place to sit down. I didn’t even have the courage to go to the bar to get a cup of boiled water.

When the finance department arrived, she brought two cups of coffee and a piece of cake. She said that you must not have breakfast. Eat some dessert first. People will feel happier after eating dessert.

I’m not in the mood to eat. I asked her directly: Am I the most unsuccessful boss you know?

She said that it was a long way off. The most failed grave grass is now one meter high.

I was shocked: ah? Dead?

But she didn’t seem to notice my frightened look, and said to herself: It wasn’t necessarily one meter. I heard that he had lost all the houses and owed a lot. His wife and children were particularly angry. The things behind him were still handled by distant relatives, and finally he took them back to his hometown. It is estimated that no one is going to sweep the grave. The grass is more than one meter long. It may be full of grass, and the grave can’t be found.

I realized her intention this time. She was joking and wanted to make me relaxed. However, how can I relax?

I said: Alas, I stood at the window yesterday and had that idea in my mind. I don’t know what will happen if I go down from the height of the 25th floor.

She glared at me with a fierce look and said,”Who fooled you into starting a business?”? It’s really blind. It’s good for people like you to work honestly and get paid. They have no mental endurance.

Do you know why the boss I said is 1 meter away from the grave? Because he was not honest in his business and cheated many people, it was difficult to turn over.

As for you, you do products honestly, but you meet difficulties halfway. Why are you so pessimistic? I see so many management books on your bookshelf that I have read them for nothing? I have no idea when things happen.

I sighed and said that if I only lost my own money, I would admit it, but now I have failed the investors, even if I sell the house, it is not enough.

She suddenly laughed and said,”Did I hear you right?”? What are you thinking about? Have you read the management major for free? The limited liability company has not managed well and needs to return the investment to shareholders?

I argued that of course they didn’t ask me for money, but they gave me money because they trusted me. I always feel uncomfortable because they haven’t done it well.

She shook her head and said,”If I knew you were this kind of person, I would never quit my job with you.”. If I were still in my old company, I would probably be taking annual leave and taking my son on holiday. However, it’s no use talking about these things now. It’s the right way to solve the problem quickly.

I said, all I can do is sell the house. Pay the salary of the staff, pay the rent in arrears, and then dissolve the team. However, it takes time to sell the house, and we need your help to calm the employees’ emotions.

She opened her eyes again in surprise and asked:

Are you sure? Do you know how much compensation is needed to dissolve the team? Our system has been put online, and we spent millions to make things, so we just throw them away?

I honestly replied:

At the beginning, I looked at many meat industries and thought they would have their own industry trading platform, so I wanted to build this system.

We have a good deal of cooperation with the meat sheds in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. They sell meat on our system, and then we install remote monitoring equipment in their sheds to enable customers to realize VR remote purchase and remote flower promotion.

As you know, these really cost a lot of money. However, due to our lack of traffic, those bosses felt that our strength was not good and worried that we would fall at any time. At the beginning, they promised to deliver the goods once a month, but now they have changed their mind. They require to pay for each order before they deliver the goods, and their greenhouses are very biased. The express fee is extremely high, and they require the express subsidy.

We don’t have the money to put in and drain, and we don’t have the strength to subsidize express delivery, which is a vicious circle. If we can make a monthly settlement, we have a time gap. If we can always have some money in hand, we can still turn it around. But now the pressure of this model is really too great. I admit that this project has failed.

She sighed and said: I know all the difficulties you said, but I didn’t expect you to admit defeat. If the equipment is collected back, it will be worthless, and it will also cost labor. It’s a pity to discard the system that has been developed for so long.

My eyes were hot and my tears were a little uncontrollable, so I had to pretend to look around. This coffee shop is always full, some bring books to review, some bring notebooks to work, and some just come to talk about things. Everyone speaks quietly, and there is a look of quiet years everywhere.

The finance department suddenly said,”Look at the people in the corner over there. They must be unemployed. A person came here wearing a suit with a notebook, and most likely he was desperately trying to submit a resume.”.

I said, why don’t they invest at home? It also wastes the time on the road. Besides, if you come here for a day, you will always buy two cups of coffee, which will cost you 7 or 80 yuan.

Finance said that because he didn’t want his family to know that he was unemployed, he pretended to come out to work every day. In fact, he submitted his resume in the coffee shop. If there was an interview, he would go there, and if there was no interview, he would stay here for a day.

I said it was too unreasonable. What’s the shame of unemployment? There are many opportunities in Shanghai. Thousands of enterprises are recruiting every day. As long as they are not too picky, they can always find jobs in a week or two.

The treasurer smiled and said:

You are ashamed to think that others are unreasonable. In fact, aren’t you the same? What’s the difference between you and them? They are afraid of being told by their families that they are unemployed, so they would rather spend more money every day than stay in the coffee shop.

As for you, you are afraid that others will know that your company has failed, and you want to steal and sell the house to solve the company. Millions of investment will be given up if you give up. However, you are not fighting for a swollen face. You are trying to protect your face. In order not to lose face, no one will look for you.

I wondered. You mean, should I ask someone else for help? I have lost so much. Who will help me?

The finance department didn’t answer my question, but directly said:

According to the current situation of the company and the probability of helping you, I will analyze your interpersonal relationship and resources. The first tier is family, parents and brothers; The second tier is the company’s partners and other investors; The third tier is students and friends; The fourth tier is the company’s employees; The fifth tier is customers; The sixth tier is users.

Tell me about your current predicament. Which tier have you informed?

I said:

Parents must not say, otherwise they will worry. Brother doesn’t want to say that he has a family to support. I can’t drag him down.

As for partners, I want to pay the salary and office rent before selling the house, and then tell them the situation and let them make a decision together.

In terms of classmates and friends, I don’t want to say that if I say that, everyone thinks I am a failure and will not consider giving me any opportunities in the future.

In terms of employees, I think appeasement is the most important thing. If we say it now, the customers must know it. Those meaty bosses are already suspicious. They know that we can’t do it and close the store immediately. What about the users who are still in the after-sales period?

I don’t want users to know our plight. If they know it, my reputation will be ruined. It will be difficult to do this market in the future.

After hearing this, it seems that you have decided to die quietly. If you don’t want to find anyone, you quietly decide to let the company die. You should never start a business again. Go, go to your house and give me the property certificate. I’ll take it for you. I’ll find my husband. I’ll give you the money to pay the salary first. Then when you really sell the house, I’ll return your house book and you’ll pay me back.

After hearing these words, I am really sad and happy. Sadly, in this way, selling houses is imperative and there is no room for manoeuvre. The good news is that I can finally stop defaulting on the wages of dozens of people, and I don’t need to worry about what people say.

While taking the bag, the treasurer stood up and said that my husband could make money, which he would not mind. But many of my colleagues in the company have to support their families. I can’t wait. Now I go to the company to pay my salary first. As for the direction of our company, I really hope you will consider it carefully.

No matter for people or companies, death is not the only choice, and keeping face is not the right choice. You are just too smooth. You have a good opportunity once you graduate and have made great achievements in the company.

You can speak well. Everyone believes that you can quickly build a team, fast roadshow and start a company. It’s very smooth, and you haven’t had any pain. So now when you encounter difficulties, you feel that the sky is falling, and you are still too young.

I listened silently. After she finished speaking, she showed me the text message she received on her mobile phone. Her mobile phone number was bound to her corporate account. The text message showed that a sum of money had arrived. It was transferred from her husband’s company. She finally said that I went to the company. Please think about it. If I need to sort out the report, just tell me that our data is not ugly.

She left. I know the meaning of the last sentence. She hopes that I will not give up the company. She hopes that I can take the data and regain the passion of that year, and come here to talk about PPT.

I looked at the men in suits in the corner. Several of them had their own cups, but there was no cup from our shop on the table. In fact, this kind of behavior is very embarrassing. It is obvious that they have to go into the store to wipe the air conditioner. But why don’t they care about other people’s eyes, because people here don’t know them. They care about their families and don’t want them to know that they are unemployed.

Suddenly, I felt sad. I was like them. They pretended to work while I pretended to be a rich boss. In fact, everyone is anxious, but they are still struggling in the interpersonal circle.

In fact, when we think about it, we have been in the workplace for many years. We know many bosses and colleagues who come and go. These are resources.

If you can pull down your face and ask a question silently in the group or circle when you are looking for a job, there may be many people who will help you immediately.

The same is true here. In my opinion, it is a large amount of money. In the eyes of many big bosses, it is really a small amount. In particular, I have really laid a good foundation in the early stage, and the system runs well.

I think about the interpersonal network of financial analysis in detail. First of all, I think of my family. My parents and brothers should be able to help me. If they do, I can at least deal with the things in front of me without selling the house. If I owe them, I will be able to pay them back in the future.

Thinking about it, I called them. They didn’t even ask for the specific reason, so they asked me to report my account number.

After that, I tried to contact a few students and friends who were very close to each other and asked them if they were interested in this system and business model. Several people expressed their interest because after talking about it, why do you think this system only put more meat? In fact, it can be sold to many industries.

This is really a flash of light. We can make a popular industry system and rent or sell it. Previously, I thought that we can achieve things only by focusing on them. Unexpectedly, after brainstorming, we found that there are still many ways to go, and our previous efforts are still valuable.

Later, several partners also felt that these methods were feasible. They pursued the investment, and the company’s business began to grow.

After that, we were targeted by a large enterprise and soon became a department of them. Everyone was satisfied and landed safely.

Seeing the question”What should I do after I lost my job at the age of 36 and still pretended to go to work and sat in the car for 4 hours?”, I could not help thinking of the days I had been struggling with.

After careful analysis, the reason for”pretending to work”,”pretending to be normal” and”pretending to live well” is actually because you want to hide your discomfiture and don’t want others to find out that this kind of psychology is actually not good.

Each of us lives in a variety of interpersonal networks. This kind of relationship is interdependent. The tighter the integration, the more stable support we can get in this relationship. If we insist on pulling out, then we will stand alone and have no support.

Everyone is an ordinary person. There are joys and sorrows. There are times of pride and bad luck. If we always show ourselves with a happy face and pretend ourselves to be strong for a long time, we may be used to relying on you or ignoring your weakness. When you need help, no one can help you.

At the beginning, I was too smooth. I was surrounded by praise. I felt that I was extremely powerful and blindly overestimated myself. When I was in trouble, the first thing I thought about was face, and the first thing I thought about was to maintain my ability.

Silly carry it on your own, and no one wants to say it, but your heart is fragile and your ability is limited, and you can’t make it at all. Finally, I really couldn’t bear it and wanted to swallow the bitter fruit silently.

At a critical juncture, I realized that I was being cornered by others, so I put down my face, looked for people everywhere, and finally got out of the dilemma.

So, friends who are unemployed at home,ask”What if they are unemployed at the age of 36 and still pretend to go to work and have been in the car for 4 hours?” The way is:

Don’t pretend to go to work, sit in the car or go to the coffee shop in silence. This disguise will always remind you that you are unemployed and keep you in the depression of unemployment

It’s better to tell yourself directly that this is a long holiday. During this holiday, take a good rest, and then calmly analyze the reasons for unemployment to see if there is a problem in the industry. If it is the decline of the industry, then choose to change the industry. If it is only a problem of job demand, then look at the current technical level and whether it can be transferred. If it is a personal problem, then improve your ability

Reasonably evaluate your ability, find out the gap between your personal ability and job needs, and improve your weaknesses. Look more at the recruitment information, think more about the desired position, see where your skills are poor, and quickly improve

Write your resume carefully. When delivering your resume, you’d better modify it with focus according to the other person’s job needs, see what skills the other person needs, and highlight your corresponding skills. In this way, HR will get more interview opportunities when they see the high matching between resume and position

Of course, I can also understand those who pretend to work. After all, reporting good news without worrying is also a kind of love for people around us.

For example, when parents are old, telling them that they are unemployed will make them worried, so they can’t say; While the partner may be a full-time housewife, telling her may make her anxious; As for children, they want to maintain a tall image in front of them and do not want to let them know that they are unemployed.

For these reasons, I pretend to go to work every day. There is nothing to blame. This is a good son, husband and father.

But from my point of view, if my partner loses his job, I still hope that he can tell me that I can save some money, and then give him more attention, so that he can feel that he is not fighting alone. As for the elderly and children, I will also help them to hide it and tell them that this is an annual leave!

Difficulties will always pass. Challenges often mean new opportunities, adjust your mood, and use setbacks as a catalyst for struggle. Good work is ahead, and the career path will become more and more spacious!

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