Berlin United VS Wolfsburg, Newcastle United VS Southampton (including score)

Berlin United VS Wolfsburg, Newcastle United VS Southampton (including score)

Berlin United VS Wolfsburg, Newcastle United VS Southampton (including score)

It is obvious that Berlin United has performed well this season. The last round was also a 2-0 victory over Hertha Berlin. Good performance on the court, stable play on the offensive end. Six wins and two draws at home are unbeaten, which also makes the team ranked second and Bayern ranked first by one point. The weakness is also the need to strengthen the defense in the middle and rear, but the strength is still good in the Bundesliga

The Wolfsburg Wolfsburg team has been declining in recent years, including its strength. In the recent round, losing 1-2 to Werder Bremen in the away game also ended his 6 consecutive victories. Now it is also relatively stable to rank seventh in attack and defense with 29 points. However, due to the injury and illness, the two brothers in the team will not be able to play this round, which is more fatal for Wolfsburg

The number given to the Berlin United concede 0.25 is still somewhat weakening the home team. After all, the opponent lacks important players. In this regard, it is a problem to give such a concede. Personally, I’m still optimistic that Berlin, the home city, will win

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Berlin United VS Wolfsburg, Newcastle United VS Southampton (including score)

The English League Cup Newcastle United VS Southampton

The gap between the two teams is still obvious. Newcastle have won Southampton twice this season, and their performance on the field is also very dominant. The team was reborn after the club changed hands, and changed from a relegation team to a four-team team. On the edge of the sword, the team’s introduction of Gimarans and Tripier has now become the mainstay of the team, and we have to admire the venomous vision of the club’s senior management. I believe that Newcastle United only want to win this game. The 442 lineup is very good against most teams

The visiting Saint Southampton is also an ant on the hot pot. It is necessary to understand the trade-off in the three-line operation. The league is also two points behind the Wolves in the safety zone. Therefore, from a high-level perspective, it is a wise choice to give up the cup competition to fight for the championship relegation

It is not very supportive for Newcastle to give the number 1.25 at home. The probability of Lao Yan following the data to draw this game is not small, and winning is also small

Shouting: winning+leveling

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