Livov has a small population in Russia. Why do you want to “leave the motherland”?

a series of wars can be seen from the Georgian war.

basically, regions with large ethnic populations in Russia are unstable.

the most typical regions are Lugansk, Donetsk, Crimea and Dezuo.

in fact, this is the case because the local Russian nationality accounts for too much, so they all want to make trouble and become independent.

however, there are exceptions. The most typical is Lvov state. Many people do not understand that Lvov state has a small Russian population. Why do they want to”leave the motherland”? You may not think so.

 Lvov has a small population in Russia. Why do you want to

Lvov is the westernmost state bordering Poland.

the whole area is 21600 square kilometers, with a population of about 3 million.

Lviv is a large agricultural state, which can be said to be an agricultural granary.

from the population structure of Lvov, the proportion of Russian nationality is very small, which is the lowest in the whole country.

the comprehensive proportion is only about 3%, that is, there are only 90000 Russians among the more than 3 million people.

 Lvov has a small population in Russia. Why do you want to

therefore, the proportion of this population can not be compared with Lugansk, Donetsk and even Crimea.

because the Russian nationality in Donbas accounts for more than 40%, and the Crimea region accounts for more than 70%.

therefore, the Russian nationality occupied the majority, leading to the eventual separation from the motherland.

however, the proportion of Russian nationality in Lvov Prefecture is very small, but why has it been striving for independence for a long time.

or do you want to leave the motherland? In fact, there is only one root cause: Poland.

 Lvov has a small population in Russia. Why do you want to

historically, Lvov was originally a province of Poland, belonging to the Polish Lithuanian empire.

after that, it was gradually occupied by the Soviet Union in the war with tsarist Russia, and finally directly incorporated into the territory of the Soviet Union.

therefore, this is the main reason why there are still a considerable proportion of Polish nationalities in Lviv.

therefore, for historical reasons, Lvov has always considered himself to be western and polish.

therefore, I don’t agree with my motherland in my heart, and I have been fighting for independence. In addition, the Polish team never forget Lvov.

always wanted to find a chance to take back this land, so he constantly misguided Lvov.

 Lvov has a small population in Russia. Why do you want to

they even continuously infiltrated and encouraged Lviv to become independent.

in this way, the Crimean model can also be learned in the future, and Lvov people will join Poland in a referendum.

although this dream is far away, it actually has a great impact on Lvov.

the people of this state have always wanted to leave the motherland, which is also the root of the turmoil.

even now Poland is not idle and wants to find a chance to take back Lvov.

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 Lvov has a small population in Russia. Why do you want to

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