In a man’s life, what “wrong money” is not necessary to spend?

1. Don’t tattoo. It directly subverts your image. Good people are also bad people. They are also guilty of spending money!

2. Don’t buy watches, which are thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. In order to ostentatiously buy an ornament, if you want to know something, it is the same to look at your mobile phone. Anyway, everyone’s mobile phone is also inseparable!

3. Even if you are single, don’t go out to find a cheap lady. It’s better to be clean than to get sick. Let others know that you can’t marry a wife!

4. Men should not wear decorations. The thick gold chain and dirt are all scum, just like an upstart and a local ruffian!

5. Control your sexual desire. Don’t go out and spend money to comfort your lower body. Don’t think that wild flowers are always more fragrant than home flowers. If you don’t spend money, people can’t even look at you in the eye!

6. There is no need to go to the pedicure shop for a massage. Bubble your feet at home, and the couple press each other, which not only relieves fatigue, but also improves mutual feelings. It costs no money, and both enjoy it!

7. There should be fewer places of entertainment, which is a place to kill people’s will and especially burn money!

8. Don’t buy expensive cars for the sake of face. You have to pay back the car loan every month. It’s better to buy a cheap car with full money. Our ordinary people’s car is a means of transportation. In fact, a person’s face is supported by the lining!

9. Don’t store good wine at home. One person is thinking about it all day. It can’t be stored!

10. You should quit smoking. You can save at least 500 yuan a month. This money can improve the life of the whole family. When the doctor talks to you, it will be too late!

11. Don’t always eat and drink with a group of drinkers. That’s a waste of life!

12. Don’t give a small gift to please the opposite sex if you have nothing to do. Men’s old lust is really to be changed!

13. Don’t always go out to have a whole face and do beauty. A man should do the old man’s job!

14. Don’t think about changing to a big house all day. How much money do you have in your pocket? You must have points in mind. Don’t empty the savings of three generations for the house, just for a pile of bricks!

15. Just wash your hair, and the same is true at home. You can wash your hair with more shampoo. There is no need to spend dozens of dollars in the shampoo room. If you look at the girls inside, you will spend more!

16. Buy gifts for your wife, and pursue something practical. Don’t buy anything like that. Cook a delicious dinner for your wife in person, and the whole family can enjoy it together!

17. Don’t always go to the gym, as long as you have the determination, you can work out everywhere. You can run 5 kilometers every morning, and within a month, your body can also be a coach!

18. Don’t enroll your child in one-on-one counseling classes. It’s not likely that your grades will improve too fast. The family’s financial pressure is still too great!

19. There is no need to spend time and energy to maintain relatives and friends who have not moved around all the year round!

20. If someone borrows money from you, you must know how to refuse it. For the sake of so-called face, it is easy to put all your life savings into it!

21. Don’t buy too expensive mobile phones. The speed of the update of electronic products can’t catch up with the fashion at all. All the functions of a $12000 mobile phone are available. Take good care of it, and it will be no problem for four or five years!

22. Belt, leather shoes, tie, don’t blindly pursue the brand, only buy the right thing, not the expensive thing, as long as it is comfortable and cheap!

23. Don’t always use the Internet to reward the female anchors. That is, flowers in the mirror, moon in the water, people you can’t touch at all, earn thousands of dollars of salary, but give gifts to people who earn tens of thousands of dollars a month, even tens of millions of people. It’s ridiculous to think about it!

24. If you want to have your teeth fixed, you must use beautiful and good materials for those exposed outside. As for those invisible inside, don’t spend so much money!

25. You must wear condoms when you live as a husband and wife. If you win the prize again in middle age, you will have to struggle for another 20 years. You are afraid that time will not wait for you, which will harm you and your children!

In a man's life, what "wrong money" is not necessary to spend?

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