Why are some excellent teachers who are engaged in junior and senior high school education not necessarily highly educated?

Is there any relationship between the quality of teaching achievements and the level of academic qualifications? Yes, but not absolutely. The quality of teaching results depends on: first, the corresponding level of knowledge. For example, teaching junior high school requires at least the knowledge level above senior high school, while teaching senior high school requires the knowledge level above junior college. The knowledge level here refers to”actual”, not necessarily”educational background”. Although some teachers do not have the corresponding”educational background”, they have the”actual” ability, so they can make achievements. 2、 Good teaching methods. This is critical. The teacher’s teaching is to impart knowledge to students, how to impart it? This is the problem of methodology. Although some teachers have poor academic qualifications, their teaching methods are correct, and students can understand and learn clearly; Some people have a high degree, but the method can’t be applied. They can’t get good results because they make people confused. 3、 Correct teaching attitude. Although some teachers are not highly educated, they are down-to-earth and conscientious in their work. They are devoted to teaching work. They hate to teach everything to students. Such teachers are also easy to make achievements; On the other hand, some teachers are very good in all aspects. They just don’t worry about their teaching work and do it every day as a monk. Will this result in success? In a word, high education is only one aspect of improving teaching performance. The key is also the overall quality of teachers. If they have the quality, they can not improve without achievements.

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