In the war movie, it seems that the soldiers will never pick up the enemy’s weapons on the ground when their bullets run out. Is this also true in real wars?

I am a veteran who participated in the Sino-Vietnamese counterattack. What you said rarely happens. The two armies face each other at a long distance. Whose weapon do you choose? If you are close to the melee distance, it is too late to pick weapons! I once faced two Vietnamese troops less than five meters, and the magazine was empty. There was no time to change it, so I put bayonets directly to fight. Many of my comrades ended up with a grenade in one hand, a hand shovel, throwing grenades far away, and chopping with an engineer shovel near, all of them were red in the eye. The Vietnamese army was suppressed by our momentum and retreated in panic. It is not practical to say that we want to pick the enemy’s weapons to fight back on the battlefield.

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