A woman is in her forties, and her marriage is unfortunate. Is she going to divorce or settle down?

Women are in their forties, and their marriage is unfortunate. Whether they divorce or pay attention to it, they can make the best choice only when they are in their situation, which others cannot understand.

Let me tell you an example. I have a girlfriend in a town. She is 41 years old this year. She has a son and a daughter. Her son is in junior high school at the age of 14, and her daughter is in the third grade of primary school at the age of 10. Five years ago, due to the disagreement between the husband and wife, they often quarrelled, resulting in the husband’s domestic violence, the eardrum damage and hospitalization. When he couldn’t bear it, he moved out to rent another house to live in, and the two children also came out together. The mother and the three lived alone, relying on each other, and the source of income was only from working in a supermarket in the town. After moving out, the man did not pay the living expenses of the children, and once fell into financial difficulties. One person thinks hard and leaves the child alone to work outside, and the income is high, but the child is left unattended. They can take care of their children and go to school without going out. Their income is low and it is difficult to pay normal expenses. A child is a piece of meat on his own body. The most important thing is the child. Friends were sympathetic to her, so with the help of friends and their own efforts, they opened a grain and oil store in the town. Business is also booming, and living conditions are also improving. They are concentrating on the business of the store and taking care of their children to school. In 2016, he sued for divorce, but because of the obstruction of his family, he listened to the advice, but withdrew the lawsuit. The two sides first maintained the status quo and continued to live alone to ease the conflict. In this way, I lived alone with my children for another year. In June 2017, the man filed a second lawsuit to the court, but he did not agree. The result was that the decision was not to divorce. The couple had been separated for three years and had no feelings. But the court did not decide. I wonder how difficult it is to divorce. Until now, I still live alone with my children.

So divorce is not as simple as a piece of paper. Especially for women in their forties, there are old and young, and there are too many concerns in their hearts. It is not as simple as imagining that divorce is still important.

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