8. Tu Shuai had mixed feelings in the first round: Xie Feng returned to his first show and opened the door to the black! Dalian people defend the face of all Chinese classes

 8 Tu Shuai had mixed feelings in the first round: Xie Feng's return to the first show opened the door! Dalian people defend the face of the whole Chinese class

On June 5, Beijing time, the first round of the Chinese Super League in the new season ended. Eight teams led by local coaches achieved mixed results, with 4 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. Guangzhou team lost to Shenhua and Guoan lost 1-2 to Cangzhou lion. However, due to the gap in strength, the five teams that played with the all China team drew 1 and lost 4, scored 3 goals but lost 12. Only Dalian people drew with Henan tenaciously, and the popular seaport lost 0-1 to Wuhan Changjiang

 8 Tu Shuai had mixed feelings in the first round: Xie Feng's return to the first show opened the door! Dalian people defend the face of the whole Chinese class

first round results of Tu Shuai leading the team

Shandong Taishan (Haowei) 1-0 Zhejiang team (Qiaodi)

Changchun Yatai (Chenyang) 4-1 Guangzhou City (Van Gast)

Dalian native (Xiehui) 2-2 Henan team (Javier)

Shanghai Shenhua (wujingui) 1-0 Guangzhou team (Liuzhiyu)

Wuhan Changjiang River (lijinyu) 1-0 Shanghai seaport (Laike)

Tianjin Jinmen tiger (yugenwei) 1-1 Meizhou Hakka (ristich)

Beijing Guoan (Xiefeng) 1-2 Cangzhou lion (sablich)

although the CSL has expanded to 18 teams this season, the number of teams led by local coaches has reached 8. In addition to Taishan, Yatai, Wuhan Changjiang, Jinmen tiger still use Haowei, Chen Yang, lijinyu and Yu genwei, Dalian people invited Xiehui and wujingui to return to Shenhua, Guangzhou team was led by Liuzhiyu alone, and Xiefeng returned to Guoan.

 8 Tu Shuai had mixed feelings in the first round: Xie Feng's return to the first show opened the door! Dalian people defend the face of the whole Chinese class

among the 8 local marshals, wujingui and Liuzhiyu staged a”civil war” in the first round. Finally, the old wujingui led Shenhua to defeat Liuzhiyu’s Guangzhou team. Including Taishan’s 1-0 victory over Zhejiang and Jinmen tiger’s 1-1 draw with Meizhou, these results are not unexpected. It is reasonable for lijinyu to lead Wuhan Yangtze River to beat quanhuaban 1-0. Chen Yang’s Yatai won Guangzhou 4-1, becoming the most eye-catching local coach in the first round.

What slightly surprised the outside world was that Xie Hui led the Dalian people of the all China team to a 2-2 draw with the Henan team, while Guoan, the recruiter in the new season, lost 2-1 to Cangzhou, which was a surprise.

 8 Tu Shuai had mixed feelings in the first round: Xie Feng's return to the first show opened the door! Dalian people defend the face of the whole Chinese class

in addition, among the four promoted teams, the three towns in Wuhan became the most eye-catching team, beating Hebei team 4-0. Meizhou took advantage of the home court advantage to win 1-1 against the Pingjin men tiger and scored 1 point. Chengdu, Chengdu and Zhejiang teams both suffered from open door blackouts. ↓

Wuhan Sanzhen 4-0 Hebei team

Meizhou Hakka 1-1 Tianjin Jinmen tiger

Chengdu Rongcheng 0-2 Shenzhen team

Zhejiang team 0-1 Shandong Taishan

 8 Tu Shuai had mixed feelings in the first round: Xie Feng's return to the first show opened the door! Dalian people defend the face of the whole Chinese class

among the teams of all Chinese classes, only Dalian people scored points in a 2-2 draw with Henan team, including Guangzhou team, Guangzhou City team, Hebei team and Shanghai Haigang team. ↓

Guangzhou team 0-1 Shanghai Shenhua

Guangzhou City 1-4 Changchun Yatai

Dalian ren2-2 Henan team

Hebei team 0-4 Wuhan three towns

Shanghai seaport 0-1 Wuhan Yangtze River

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