Who has the greatest influence on Chinese history?

Of course, Deng Xiaoping, the chief designer of reform and opening up.

Deng Xiaoping emancipated his mind and sought truth from facts, and reformulated the ideological, political and organizational lines of Marxism.

Negate the wrong policy of”two whatevers”, stop the slogan of taking class struggle as the key, shift the focus of the work of the Party and the country to economic construction, and take the broad road of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Rectify all wrongs and wrongs.

Abolish the system of recommendation for college and resume the college entrance examination.

He advocates that science and technology are productive forces and that intellectuals are part of the working people.

Remove the cap and remove the ingredients for the improved local rich.

Let thousands of educated young people go back to the city.

The implementation of the land contract policy has completely solved the problem of satiety.

Establish a society ruled by law, fairness and justice, democracy and freedom

Poverty is not socialism, but development is the absolute principle.

Implement a market economy, with public ownership as the main body, and various economic systems develop together.

Open to the outside world, create special economic zones, coastal economic development zones, etc.

One country, two systems, take back Hong Kong and Macao.

Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, our great motherland has long become the second largest economy in the world, and the motherland is becoming richer and stronger; The people are getting richer and happier. It has changed China and affected the world.

Therefore, Deng Xiaoping has the greatest influence on Chinese history.

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