Research has found that exercise can destroy cancer cells. If cancer friends keep exercising, what will happen to their bodies?

After a busy day, isn’t it fragrant to lie in bed and brush your mobile phone after dinner? Why are some people willing to put down their mobile phones and exercise every day

Is it to lose weight? If only to lose weight, why do more and more elderly people join the ranks of sports

The main reason is that exercise can not only reduce weight, but also strengthen the body. The more important thing is that it can prevent cancer and cancer. It is precisely because of this that more and more people begin to pay attention to sports

In February this year, International Journal of cancer He published a research paper on the relationship between exercise and cancer. The research found that proper exercise can fight cancer, because the body will produce a kind of cancer called “Interleukin” This substance can repair the cells in our body, so that the immune cells in our body can interact with Cancer cell resistance , Thus, Inhibit and destroy cancer cells The effect of

 research has found that exercise can destroy cancer cells. What will happen to the body if cancer friends keep exercising?

Is it only because of the existence of”interleukin” that it can play a role in preventing and fighting cancer? Of course not. Lijunling, chief physician of the Department of oncology, cancer hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, once published the relationship between exercise and anti-cancer in the Journal of health, such as:

① During exercise, our body temperature will keep rising, however, , At this time, the cancer cells in the body will become fragile, which makes them easier to be killed

② During exercise, our breathing becomes faster, so that Promote oxygen absorption , During breathing, carcinogens in the body can be slowly , So as to achieve the effect of cancer prevention

③ Proper exercise can enhance the Immune system , When immune cells are stronger than cancer cells, they can accurately and quickly find cancer cells in the body and eliminate them

④ Exercise can make people The mood becomes happy , Relieve people’s pressure. When we always maintain a positive mood, cancer cells will not like us

⑤ Keep exercising every day, you can Promote the digestion of food in the body , The Food residues in the body It can be discharged out of our body, so as to avoid waste / harmful substances staying in our body for a long time, reduce the damage to our intestines and stomach, and thus reduce the risk of colon cancer and gastric cancer

 research has found that exercise can destroy cancer cells. What will happen to the body if cancer friends keep exercising?

Since proper exercise every day can achieve the effect of anti-cancer and anti-cancer, how should cancer friends exercise properly at ordinary times

When it comes to correct movement, we first need to consider the time point of movement, Through the research of Spanish and Austrian scholars, it is found that , For cancer patients, morning exercise is better for the body

A survey of 1200 cancer patients found that morning exercise can reduce the risk of cancer, especially breast cancer and prostate cancer. For patients with these two cancers, the reason why morning exercise is more suitable is that morning exercise can produce more Melatonin , However, melatonin in Estrogen The effect of cancer prevention can be achieved with the help of

Secondly, cancer patients should consider Your own amount of exercise , Select the sports items and intensity suitable for different stages according to their own physical status, such as: in During recovery Of cancer patients, they can choose Low strength Jogging, stretching, etc; When the condition gets Stability control When Add point strength , You can choose jogging, mountain climbing and other sports to achieve the effect of physical fitness. No matter at what stage, you should pay attention to the amount of exercise when exercising, Avoid overloaded exercise Of course, if you just want to rely on exercise to prevent cancer, it is not enough. In addition to exercising every day, cancer prevention also needs to do the following, such as:

 research has found that exercise can destroy cancer cells. What will happen to the body if cancer friends keep exercising?

01 try to avoid staying up late

For today’s young people, staying up late is really a very happy thing. But the harm that staying up late for a long time brings to our body should not be underestimated

Staying up late for a long time will affect our human body Endocrine Normal, will increase the working hours of human organs, especially the liver. When we stay up late, the liver can’t do “Warranty” , For a long time, there will be strikes, which will lead to the occurrence of liver cancer

Of course, in 360 industries, there are always several industries that need to work overtime and be on duty at night. For such people, staying up late is inevitable. Therefore, in order to reduce the damage caused by staying up late, we should supplement sleep in time during the day. In addition, we also need to pay attention to the dietary rules and try not to develop the eating habit of”one meal in the West and one meal in the East”

02 do not smoke / stay away from second-hand smoke

“Smoking is harmful to your health” is a thing that everyone knows. Zhangyongsheng, chief physician of respiratory department of Oriental Hospital of Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine, mentioned in an interview that Smoking and death, disease There is a certain relationship. Long term smoking can increase Cancer The probability of

 research has found that exercise can destroy cancer cells. What will happen to the body if cancer friends keep exercising?

The smoke produced by smoking contains thousands of compounds. When inhaled into the body, this compound will cause Normal cells Cause damage, thereby giving cancer cells a chance to rise

At the same time, for non-smokers, try to stay away from second-hand smoke. Even if you don’t smoke, if you inhale second-hand smoke for a long time, the harm will be the same as that of smokers

03 regular cancer screening

You should now find that cancer is not as terrible as we thought. In particular, early cancer has a great chance of being cured. As long as we actively cooperate with doctors for treatment, it will have little impact on the body

However, due to people’s neglect of health awareness, the vast majority of patients have developed to the middle and late stage of cancer when they are found, which greatly reduces the cure rate

Thus, for cancer patients,”early detection and early treatment” is particularly important. To achieve early detection, in addition to knowing the symptoms of cancer, we also need to do regular cancer screening. General suggestions: Middle aged and elderly people over 50 Once a year Regular inspection, High risk population You need to do Half a year or even three months Conduct corresponding cancer screening


[1] why can exercise prevent cancer? Exercise makes cancer cells”disappear” with the naked eye · · May 19, 2022

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