How long can Chinese medicine cure vitiligo?

Ten years ago, I went to have a perm. It is estimated that the lotion touched the scalp and a white spot appeared in the root of my forehead within a few days. I went to Huashan Hospital to see the vitiligo capsule and ate it for a month. I felt uncomfortable with my stomach. Then I went to the Chinese medicine hospital to take Chinese medicine for conditioning. After eating it for nearly three years (I felt menopause), I simply conditioned it together. In ten years, the spot was not very big, but the color still did not change, and the hair around me turned white, I think it’s natural to be old

Ten years later, last year, I suddenly saw a white spot about the size of a copper coin on my forehead. Now I think about that time when my daughter-in-law was tired of giving birth to her baby, it broke out again.

This time, I checked the cause of leukoplakia on the Internet: maybe it was the stress of mental factors, the decrease of immunity, or the carelessness of diet. In short, there was no reason why I went to a hot search private hospital for treatment. There was nothing more than taking drugs to increase immunity by light, and there were also some Chinese patent medicines that could not be bought by medical insurance. The problem was that they were too expensive! Not for the common people!

Helplessly, I thought of watching Chinese medicine eat Chinese medicine. It should be due to insufficient nourishment of qi and blood deficiency. Now I have eaten it for nearly half a year. Fortunately, it hasn’t come out and the plaque is shrinking, but I still bought a home therapeutic instrument to continue to light and apply ointment, listen to music and practice calligraphy, try to relax myself, eat more animal liver nuts, including all black food to supplement myself

Generally speaking, it is difficult to cure, but as long as you insist on not expanding, I believe it will be good.

How long can Chinese medicine cure vitiligo?

How long can Chinese medicine cure vitiligo?

How long can Chinese medicine cure vitiligo?

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