What do you recommend? For recommendation?

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What do you recommend? For recommendation?What do you recommend? For recommendation?What do you recommend? For recommendation?What do you recommend? For recommendation?What do you recommend? For recommendation?What do you recommend? For recommendation?What do you recommend? For recommendation?What do you recommend? For recommendation?What do you recommend? For recommendation?

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  • When you are about to reach the deputy section level at the age of 50, where should you go?

    Brother, you are very lucky. I was transferred from the army’s main battalion in 2000 to the age of 55, and I was still a member of the section. Thanks to the good policy of the Party, I was transferred to the deputy investigator. Fifty knows the fate of God. Generally, it is no longer competitive. Only by working with ease and being honest can we achieve a good result. After decades of revolution, retire home and work as a cook.

    February 19, 2023
  • What embarrassing things did you do when you were young?

    I am a girl. When I was young, my family was poor and there was no extra bed. I was in the same bed with my sister. One night I suddenly felt impatient to urinate. The toilets in the countryside were outside. Looking out of the dark window, I had no courage to get up and go to the bathroom. I thought I could bear it. I could go to the bathroom at dawn. Go to bed first. In my dream, I might have no urine, so I desperately wanted…

    February 11, 2023
  • Household hair remover works better in this way

    As a popular household hair remover among hair removal products, the household hair remover is safe and efficient. Many consumers gave good feedback, especially on the sapphire freezing point hair remover and the freezing point hair remover, which achieved painless hair removal and obtained a good hair removal experience. If it is a small partner who has never used it, he will have doubts about using it. What is the correct way to use the household hair remover? How to achieve better hair removal effect. Nowadays, more and more children…

    December 9, 2022
  • The old man divided the house equally between his son and daughter. The daughter-in-law was angry and said that he would not serve when he was old. What do you think?

    Because the old man shared the house of the old couple equally with his son and daughter, the daughter-in-law said angrily that she would never serve her when she was old. If this kind of thing happens in my family, I will tell the family that she is angry and let her be angry. How much is it worth? Why do you say that? Are you bullying this daughter-in-law? Of course, it is not bullying the daughter-in-law at home. It is because the daughter-in-law in the family is too unreasonable…

    February 13, 2023
  • How much influence will the new “Prohibition Order” have on the wine industry?

    I, Prohibition order The State prohibits the production and consumption of alcohol. It is part of the wine administration. In the history of all times and all over the world, the introduction of the prohibition policy is often related to the social problems caused by drinking and its violation of religious precepts. As far as Chinese history is concerned, the prohibition of alcohol has a long history. In December 2012, the Central Military Commission issued a notice to print and distribute the Ten Provisions of the Central Military Commission on…

    February 8, 2023
  • What’s the difference between Web3.0

    Since 2021, the concept and entrepreneurial atmosphere of Web3.0 have been very active. In 2022, the discussion on Web3.0 will be one wave after another. As early as November 2006, Yang Zhiyuan, the founder of Yahoo, put forward that”in view of the hardware and software problems that Web2.0 had shown at that time, the power of the network has reached a critical point, so it needs a truly public network carrier such as Web3.0, to eliminate the clear boundaries between professional, semi professional and consumers, and to jointly create a…

    December 2, 2022 technology
  • Anhui Konan Information Technology Co., Ltd. has obtained the general aviation operation license issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China

    On May 19, the East China regional administration of civil aviation of China sent a letter to Anhui Air Safety Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “air safety technology”) Issue the general aviation enterprise business license. It indicates that the development of the company’s software platform has been recognized by the CAAC. The company not only has the development, deployment and implementation ability of UAV management platform, but also actively prepares for UAV in the field of hardware application development and comprehensive application The provisions on the administration…

    May 20, 2022
  • How should retail investors speculate in stocks?

    “Don’t participate in the stock market until you save 1 million yuan!” This is what a senior said. The essence of the stock market is so simple. Most people choose the wrong direction. How can they make profits I agree with this sentence very much. When do you agree with this sentence, it proves that you are finally going to go ashore. This is what the famous economist Guan Qingyou said, and there is an additional sentence: office workers, don’t speculate in stocks. Choice is greater than effortMany people are…

    February 18, 2023
  • Is eating preserved eggs good or bad for your health? This article tells you the answer

    preserved egg, as a traditional Chinese food with Chinese characteristics, is also known as Songhua egg and variable egg. It is an egg processing food invented by the Han people. It has Chinese characteristics, special flavor and unique taste. Eating preserved egg can increase appetite and supplement the body with rich protein and nutrients. From the perspective of health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that”preserved eggs are cool” and can help alleviate toothache, oral ulcer, epistaxis and gum bleeding caused by asthenic fire. It can be eaten…

    June 1, 2022 health
  • Celtics slashed 40 points in the last quarter, creating the largest single quarter difference in the history finals with 40-16 points

    June 3 – today’s NBA playoff Celtics’ away game against the warriors has ended. After the whole battle, the Celtics defeated the Warriors (1) 120-108 (0) In this game, the Celtics slashed 40 points in the last quarter, creating the largest single quarter difference in the history finals with a difference of 40-16 points and 24 points

    June 2, 2022