At the age of 50, what is the best way for women to do things?

When a woman is 50 years old, it is menopause. The worker status has retired, and the cadre status is still on the post. Whether you retire or not, one of the most important things after 50 is to go to the hospital for a physical examination every year. At this age, all kinds of diseases come to our door. We should know our health well and have a responsible attitude towards ourselves and our children and families.

In addition to paying attention to their own physical conditions, 50-year-old women should live thoroughly. The following are my suggestions. I hope to share with you.

1. Let it be and don’t be too competitive. Whether in work or in life, obey your heart, as long as you work hard, you don’t have to force results.

At home, housework can never be finished. If you are tired, lie down and have a rest. If you don’t work today, you won’t do anything tomorrow. In the unit, the brain can’t keep up with the young people. So it’s good to do your best. You can do as much as you can, and be worthy of your conscience.

2. Maintain the relationship between husband and wife, and don’t try to change him. It’s easy to get along with each other in love. After half a life of noise, we have already known each other’s temperament. Compromise what cannot be changed. There is no perfect man in the world. Since you don’t want to leave, take a step back.

3. Look only at what you have, and don’t compare with anyone. God is fair to everyone. Maybe we are still poor when we are 50 years old, wearing T-shirts worth tens of yuan. But we are healthy and have a happy family. Think about what you already have, rather than compare the strengths of others with your weaknesses. That will only make you more and more sad.

4. It is enough to learn to shut up in front of children and pay attention to appropriate support in silence. At this age, most women’s children have graduated from college and are facing marriage. As for the marriage of children, appropriate suggestions can be made. Learn to shut up and stop nagging, and gradually withdraw from children’s life. This is a process that a woman has to adapt to sooner or later.

5. Pay more attention to your heart and make yourself comfortable is more important than anything else. Always remember that in this world, except for their own parents, no one will love themselves unconditionally from the bottom of their hearts. Even the couple will go their separate ways one day.

When their parents are old, they will leave the world. So only when you know how to hurt yourself can you really hurt. Most of us women live very tired. Think about this and that, but seldom think about yourself. From now on, silently care and love yourself, and don’t let yourself down.

6. Don’t save too much if your ability allows. Now that living conditions are better, we are also on the decline. When we were young, many women were unwilling to eat or wear. Now we should change our minds.

If you can make yourself happy by spending one hundred and two hundred dollars on a piece of clothes, don’t give up the money. If you encounter something you particularly want to eat, or strange food you have never eaten, why not buy it and taste it? At our age, how much more expensive food can we eat?

7. People who don’t like will stay away, and colleagues who don’t want to know each other will nod. Retired people don’t need to go against their mood, say things they don’t want to say and interact with people they don’t like.

Even if you haven’t retired yet, some colleagues don’t need to know each other well, so nod and say hello and laugh it off. These people are passers-by in a hurry. If they don’t like it, they will stay away. One or two true friends are enough.

8. Take good care of your old companion. In the end, you will understand that he is the only one who can accompany you. Some women are very powerful, always choosy about their other half and care little. From now on, it is wise to take good care of your wife’s health. Because in the end, as long as my wife can accompany me. His good health is actually his great happiness.

9. Don’t give all your money to your children. You should keep it. The child is about to start a family and start a career. We do our best to support the child to set up a small family. But remember that you can’t save a penny.

At our age, our health is on the decline. With a little savings, I am also confident. When children have children, we probably can’t count on them. So try to be considerate in everything. Don’t wait until you use money.

10. Take care of elderly parents with more company, and leave no regrets for life. At our age, our parents are both 70 or 80 years old. The days of accompanying and caring for them are precious.

Our parents raised us. At this time, we still need to accompany them wholeheartedly in their old age. Don’t owe yourself emotional debt and leave any regrets.

The above is just one of my thoughts. If you have any additional comments, please write them down in the comment area

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