2023 Top 10 most popular Nike running shoes recommendation list

Recommended Top 10 Nike Running Shoe Popular Ranking

1 Air Zoom Vomero 14


Running training can provide affordable running shoes with considerable stability.

In addition, its men’s size 10 weighs about 306 grams, which is also a very lightweight choice in running shoes. Equipped with a number of functions that can greatly increase the smoothness of running, plus the design that can reduce the burden of feet at the same time, it can be regarded as a good partner for running regardless of gender and experience!

2 Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 3


Fashion style with avantgarde style

This running shoe is different from the general style that uses Flyknit. It also carries the special VaporMax Air technology, which not only makes the shoe have a very solid cushioning effect, but also has a strong traction pattern; With its lightweight and futuristic appearance, this running shoe has an impressive charm. In addition, its textured woven upper brings good breathability and support to this shoe, and the performance of each function is excellent.

This product reflects Nike’s design orientation of both function and appearance in the development of running shoes in recent years. Whether it is used as road running boots or pure wear, it is extremely bright. It is a suitable running shoe for both street and track.

3 Nike Zoom Fly 3


Strong racing shoes designed for speed

Although the midsole of the Nike Zoom Fly 3 also has Nike React foam technology, especially, it adds innovative carbon fiber soles between the foam layers, and with the help of the Zoom Air system, so that the heel can feel complete coverage, resilience and cushioning. In addition, the sole made by special anti-skid and wear-resistant design is also quite stable, and its streamline shape can reduce the resistance during running, even if you want to speed up during practice, you will not feel tired.

The transparent Vaporweave material used in the upper can stabilize the heel and maintain the lightness of the shoe at the same time, which is quite recommended for runners who love racing.

4 Nike Joyride Run Flyknit


Dynamic fit avant-garde running shoes

Apply Flyknit technology to close the coverage of the foot, so that every movement of the runner can be quickly reflected in the pace, and the lightweight shoe body also makes the foot feel extremely comfortable. In addition, the special design of foam cotton beads on the soles of the foot makes this running shoe also have excellent cushioning effect and support, which is commendable whether it is used in sprint or long distance.

Another thing worth mentioning is its avant-garde appearance, which makes the running shoe itself no longer limited to the function of road running. Even if it is intended to be a part of daily wear, it is also extremely bright. It is a comfortable running shoe with a variety of technologies and functions.

5 Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit


Practical running shoes for stabilizing the foot

This style of running shoes has more incremental foam design than other shoes that use React foam. With a softer midsole, runners can more enjoy the comfort of running. With its multi-layer woven upper combined with Flyknit technology, it not only makes the whole pair of shoes have good breathability, but also improves the endurance during long-distance running.

Not only that, this running shoe is not only made of materials with high cushioning effect, but also has a stable base design in structure to improve stability, making it more reliable for runners. It is a very durable style regardless of sprint or marathon.

6 NikeJordan React Havoc SE


The best training shoes with multiple functions

This handsome running shoe combines the two systems of Nike React and Zoom Air, which not only increases the flexibility and cushioning ability, but also doubles the comfort during running. In addition, the high elasticity of the forefoot can significantly increase the explosive force during sports. In addition, the special thin design of the heel can bring a full sense of stability, and even running a marathon is not easy to cause fatigue on both feet.

Although it is not as good as other lightweight shoes in terms of coverage and weight, the Jordan React Havoc will be an ideal training shoe without defects if you want to have a more advanced performance during long distance running.

7 NikeLegend React 2 Shield


Versatile style not limited by terrain and weather

In addition to the water-proof function of the whole pair of shoes, another major feature of this running shoe is the wear-resistant outsole, which can firm the foot with firm and tight grip no matter facing any rugged ground, and can also have excellent comfort even when jogging on muddy trails after rain. In addition, this shoe also improves the disadvantages of the heavier body of the previous generation, so it can also improve the endurance during running.

Although the special waterproof coating makes this shoe unable to reach the breathability of the Flyknit upper, it still has ventilation above the standard, without worrying about sweat accumulation inside the shoe. If you want to finish your daily training without rain or shine, you may wish to use this product as one of the options of your boots.

8 NikeFree RN Flyknit 3.0


Sprint shoes with both comfort and shape

This running shoe with a single foot weight of only 200 grams, in addition to its lightweight body, the coverage of Flyknit technology can also bring excellent cushioning and provide better protection measures for both feet. In addition, its vamp is different from ordinary running shoes. In addition to greatly improving the convenience of wearing and taking off by the laceless design, its streamlined appearance also makes the overall wear more eye-catching.

However, its sole does not have more advanced functionality. If you want to use the shoes for long-distance running, you may have to consider in the long run. For sprint needs only, the top shoe upper technology makes it an impeccable choice.

9 NikeAir Zoom Pegasus 37


Wear-resistant boots with responsive foot feel

The forefoot part of this running shoe uses a thicker Zoom Air unit than the previous generation, so that runners can feel the cushioning ability of the forefoot when running, and also feel the treading feeling of each step more quickly. In addition to maintaining the comfort of running shoes, the wear-resistant feature of React foam on the sole can also make the use of shoes more durable.

However, the overall use of React foam material will lead to insufficient cushioning outside the forefoot, and the calf of novice runners with insufficient muscle strength may bear a greater burden in the absence of cushioning, so it is recommended to use it by slightly experienced runners.

10 NIKE Revolution 5


Convenient entry style with novel design

Easy to wear and take off and affordable are a major advantage of Nike Revolution 5. In structure, it adopts a novel midfoot strap and zipper design, which allows runners to finish dressing quickly; The soft foam material on the sole also has enough cushioning to reduce the possibility of foot injury during running. However, in terms of the support and stability of the running shoes, the performance of this shoe is relatively moderate. But if it is only used for short distance running within 10 kilometers or in the gym, it will be an excellent entry-level running shoe.

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